What a mix!


What a mix!

Attention, attention! Elematic's new gourmet sandwich recipes are here! And they are just as delicious hot or cold!

Attention, attention! Elematic's new gourmet sandwich recipes are here! And they are just as delicious hot or cold! Order your own favorite mix and start shaking and making walls that will awaken the appetite of any builder! Excite your customers with rich sandwich fillings and a multitude of exiting crusts! Making walls has never been easier. Making the BEST walls is just as easy with our new complete solution, a concept we have named ELSA. From the early spring of 2009, you can order the mix of your choice to suit your production needs of today and the future. As soon as you have an idea of the capacity you require, we configure ELSA with the optimum equipment for your wall production. Trust us: we have a track record of over 100 delivered production lines for sandwich and solid walls, and we are the only one-stop-supplier that has developed technologies for over 50 precast products!

ELSA for walls inside and out

We have combined the circulating line with the central transport wagon system (crossing module) and complemented these with the extremely successful FaMe. New solutions have been added to already existing ones that have proven their place and now we can present you with the best wall concept. We are thinking ahead - the exciting ELSA has sturdy steel tables to form and cast the product on that can take twice the usual weight and that enable you to make sandwich walls of the finest quality. Why is this so remarkable? The sandwich wall concept is spreading across the world with lightning speed - no matter whether the climate is hot or cold; the rising energy prices have increased the demand for sandwiches with a rich, creamy filling, in other words, walls with ready insulation. Did you know that cooling in fact consumes three times the amount of energy compared to heating? "Elematic Group is the world's number one in sandwich wall technology", says Mr. Petri Vesa, Sales Director at Elematic. "Our new best wall concept is remarkable for its flexibility. Façades may vary between projects and sometimes even within a project, and with ELSA you can easily change the production capacity as well as the type of wall element you wish to make."

Admirable add-ons

Buildings consist of façades, load bearing separating walls, non-load bearing separating walls, and light partition walls. We want you to be ready to meet the market demand for any and all of these. That is why ELSA has such terrific add-ons: battery molds for best quality solid walls, tilting tables for your special wall elements, and the Acotec Module for the best lightweight non-load bearing partition walls. The alteration between different end products is easy much thanks to FaMe, in addition to ELSA itself, naturally. In fact, easy is the middle name of our new wall concept, where no special know-how is required to largely maintain the production line yourself. This is possible thanks to an optimum amount of automation. Talking about amounts, you can keep the size of your investment on the opportune level in relation to your production capacity, as we can offer you a variety of solutions from where you can select the perfect one. With these, the building of high-quality, energy-saving, and ecological walls is so much faster and easier compared to in-situ construction. Just tell us, and we will provide you the perfect solution - is it Lite or Flex, come and find out! Formula1 star Kimi "The Iceman" Raikkonen can not keep up with you when you have the perfect gear!

Success is closer than ever

Did we manage to make you curious? Interested? Whether your factory is located in hot or cold, you will find us close by. We are looking forward to hearing from you at our offices in Dubai, Moscow, the United States, and Europe. Visit our new web site at www.elematic.com and look up your nearest sales person.