Success is the result of quality in all our actions


Success is the result of quality in all our actions

The road to becoming the world's leading one-stop-supplier of the precast concrete industry has been paved with activities that all have one thing in common: quality.

The road to becoming the world's leading one-stop-supplier of the precast concrete industry has been paved with activities that all have one thing in common: quality. Through acquisitions, brave expansion, original thinking, and with the goal to enable customers to succeed in their own business, Elematic Group has grown into a company that today stands on a strong concrete foundation. Elematic's Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Esa Enqvist, celebrates 30 years at the company in 2008. It is a natural occasion to stop for a moment and reflect on the years leading up to the present. For Elematic, it all started in 1959, when Toijalan Teräsvalmiste (TTV) began building machinery for the precast concrete industry. From there on, development has not ceased for a moment.

The hottest hollow-core

"I have some really good memories from the1960's", Mr. Enqvist begins his story. "Both Seppo Rajamäki, today a Group Vice President of the Baltic & Eastern Branch of Consolis, and I worked in the precast industry during three summers in the 60's and both of us are still in the precast concrete business. This branch has always been one of unlimited opportunities and the most innovative R&D, and in 1978 I began my career at Elematic." This was a time of hot project implementations to the Middle East. The all time largest or at least the most famous Elematic-delivered precast concrete factory to Saudi Arabia was just starting operations - Mabco. Test runs were carried out with enthusiasm and great speed, as the Middle East was experiencing a tremendous building boom. Business to Kuwait was also very active and Finnish construction company YIT was strongly present in the area, building infrastructure projects. By then Elematic had delivered three very large and top-efficient precast factories to the DDR in Europe, and these were often successfully used as references. Another large export country in the 1970's was our neighboring country Sweden.

Quality means being close to customers

Through the decades, Elematic has travelled the world to frequently meet with its customers, most of which have become long-time partners. When the manufacturing of hollow-core slabs spread like a house on fire in the 1970's, everybody wanted the technology. Even competitors knocked on our door to purchase hollow-core machinery and complete factories. At Elematic sales, we were eager to sell our innovative products to all who had realized their uniqueness, but our parent company calmed down this selling-fever to a healthy level. In the 1980's, we introduced the shear compaction technology and the first silent extruders for hollow-core production. This was a major achievement in product development. We looked abroad for expansion and in 1984 we acquired the Canadian hollow-core machine manufacturer Dy-Core Systems Inc (DC) in Vancouver. This became my outpost for the next few years. Vancouver was a great place, but so very far away from our North American customers. Every time we wanted to meet with our clients, many of whom were situated in the mid west and on the east coast, we had to sit 5 hours on the plane first. This was the main reason for why Elematic finally closed down in Vancouver and set up new cooperative connections in Wisconsin, U.S. In 1998, we opened our U.S. subsidiary, then called PCE Elematic Inc. However, the time in Vancouver had resulted in marketing efforts to China, as the city had a large Chinese population, which provided help with communication skills in the language. And of course, China was only a nine-hour flight away!

The leading one-stop-supplier

The 1990's was a period of strong growth. Our parent company Partek and Lohja, both building material industry leaders, chose to cooperate and formed Partek Concrete Engineering. Again our eye was turned towards Europe and we continued expansion by acquiring the business operations of Germany's Roth Machinenbau GmbH, especially renown for its slipformers. Together with our existing operations in Nidda, these two companies formed PCE Roth GmbH. In 1996, the name of our parent company was officially changed to PCE Engineering Oy Ab (PCE). Spurred on by tremendous growth in the late 1990's, the next millennium got off to a really good start. The 2000's has seen Elematic Oy Ab become the leading one-stop-supplier in the precast industry. In 2000, a separate Customer Service Center was set up to meet the after sales support needs of a growing number of clients. Since then, we have continued to expand our business and have opened Customer Service Centers in Dubai and Moscow to be nearer to our customers and to bring spare parts closer to customers. We have also enlarged our product portfolio along the way, which in 2001 came to include the business operations of ACOTEC Ltd. This provided us with the technology to also create high-quality lightweight non-load bearing partition walls. To unify all our operations as a true one-stop-supplier, the name of the company was changed back to Elematic Oy Ab in 2003. Today, we are proud to carry that name. A new year is soon to begin and we are looking forward to presenting many innovations. During my thirty years at Elematic, I have learned to trust in our personnel as well as our partners and customers. The future is ours to mold and together, we will continue stronger than ever.


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