Young at heart - A Finnish success story


Young at heart - A Finnish success story

Betonimestarit Oy in Finland is a brave-hearted visionary within the precast industry. This family enterprise started out in 1988 with one factory and just a handful of employees: today it has numerous modern factories all around the country and 240 personnel.

Betonimestarit Oy in Finland is a brave-hearted visionary within the precast industry. This family enterprise started out in 1988 with one factory and just a handful of employees: today it has numerous modern factories all around the country and 240 personnel. But they are not stopping at the national border; just this year Betonimestarit have expanded their precast business into neighboring Sweden as well. Their newly acquired factory in Piteå, Sweden is also the lucky winner of our contest to locate the oldest, Elematic-delivered extruder still in use. The prize is a magnificent box of valuable spare parts from our Customer Services. Congratulations! In the previous Concrete Issues, we announced a competition to locate the oldest extruder still in use delivered by us. Despite the healthy growth on the construction market and increased investments in the precast industry as a consequence, we were confident that there is bound to be many old extruders still at work alongside their modern successors. We design and build our machinery to last and have now received proof that this really is the case. The winner of our oldest extruder competition is the company Betongmästarna Sverige Ab in Sweden, owned by the Finnish BM Group and key persons. We are honoured to deliver the fabulous prize to our partner since almost 20 years!

A trusting relationship

Mr. Seppo Saarelainen is the Managing Director and one of the owners of Betonimestarit Oy. Personally, he has cooperated with Elematic for over thirty years. After founding his own company in 1988, basically all factory machinery and equipment has been ordered from Elematic. The company set out with ten skilled and motivated employees. During the next ten years, Betonimestarit made many bold investments acquiring new factories as well as modernizing older ones. The company's turnover grew an amazing forty-fold in this time! In 1998 they were already the third largest precast concrete producer in Finland with a turnover of 34.5 million euros and 200 employees. Today, the BM Group employs 240 and the turnover for 2006 is estimated to 40 million euros. In 2007 the figures are estimated to grow further. "The one-stop-supplier characteristic of Elematic has played a significant role in our mutually successful cooperation", explains Saarelainen. "They manage the precast entirety with superb skill and we have always been able to solve all challenges together in a positive, constructive spirit. The interpersonal relations between our companies are excellent and we trust each other fully; Elematic's concealment of our confidential information has been complete. Add to that the top-quality machinery and first class maintenance services, and you have the recipe of our long-time, fruitful cooperation"!

Mutual respect and visionary attitude

At Elematic, Sales Manager Mr. Seppo Tammipuu is well familiar with Betonimestarit. He has worked together with the company right from the start in -88, and enjoys the positive and visionary spirit of the cooperation. "Betonimestarit is a greatly successful family enterprise with a warm atmosphere and the required boldness to expand their business across borders. We have always worked from a basis of mutual respect and confidence, and have handled the tight spots with genuine good humor". In the year 2000, Betonimestarit sold some of their factories and in 2003, a new hollow-core factory was set up in Nastola, Finland. After that, the investments have just continued. In May 2006, Betonimestarit crossed the border to the neighboring country Sweden and bought a precast factory in the Piteå area from Skanska Sverige Ab. The factory is now named Betongmästarna Sverige Ab and is the home of the oldest extruder competition winner. There is no slowing down of Betonimestarit's pace and in November 2006 the company acquired their second factory in Sweden; this one is in Hallsberg and has an Elematic-delivered circulating line. Today, the combined investments of Betonimestarit reach an impressive 27 million euros, and the company owned factory space amounts to 39 000 m². The manufactured product range is extensive and includes hollow-core slabs, beams, columns, and other products.

A bright future in Sweden

Mr. Leif Juntti is Factory Manager at Betongmästarna Sverige's factory in Piteå and very contented with how things are progressing. "Betonimestarit acquired this factory in May this year and the future is looking really promising! Although our old machinery, such as the winning extruder, is still up and working, the new owners are investing in modern machinery and a general modernization of the entire factory. We have just bought a new saw from Elematic and soon we will also receive a brand new Elematic hollow-core production line. At the moment we are producing 42 000 tonnes of precast products yearly with a personnel of 80, but in the future we estimate to achieve production figures of 60 000 - 65 000 tonnes yearly. So far we have manufactured a wide range of precast products and have tried to take good care of our machinery. Fortunately, Elematic stands for excellent quality"! The prize box contains a brand new set of screws for the extruder! We wish it many more miles to go!