The world's first electronic encyclopedia for all precasters is open


The world's first electronic encyclopedia for all precasters is open

Think about anything related to building. Floor? Okey, floor is a good choice, floors are essential in building. What kinds of floors are there? How are they made? Okey, now we need help. HELP - where can we find all we need to know about making floors? Come closer and listen carefully; I will say this only once (or twice). The magic words you need to open the world's only comprehensive encyclopedia on precast, floors included, are: WWW.PRECASTFOUNTAIN.COM.

We have these really great ideas about building and infra-structure construction, new and improved solutions! The market is simply screaming for more floors and walls, façades and columns! We want to set up a precast factory! How do we get started? What do we need? These kinds of questions are in the foremost minds of many visionary entrepreneurs, who are about to enter the precast business or who have just started. Other already established precasters may need new ideas, more in-depth knowledge, or a second opinion on some precast related matter. We have listened to our customers, both established and potential ones, and heard their wish to get more information, more easily. Our own internal organization also needs to locate information and to have it sent on quickly. To meet all these needs we have envisioned a new and ultramodern solution, and we have made it work! The Elematic Precast Fountain is a completely unparalleled way of presenting and accessing information - it is the world's first comprehensive electronic encyclopedia of precast knowledge! (Oh thanks for the applause, it's really nice of you) But hey, don't go trying it yet, there's still more interesting stuff we want to tell you!

A leading vision turned concrete - how it all started

Okey, so we realized the enormous need for information among customers, their customers, partners, and employees alike, and we set out to plan the format of distributing information equally to all. Throughout this huge and energy bar-consuming project, we had the pleasure of cooperating with Imageneering Oy, a Finnish company specialized in b-to-b communications and advertising. Imageneering's Mr. Sami Gauffin took a deep breath and dove right in; at no point did his goggles get frosty. "I am a frequent user of all kinds of reference books, where information is usually structured both alphabetically, as well as according to subject matter", he explains. "It seemed such a natural idea that any certain piece of information had to be reached from different viewpoints and varying motives to be of best service to all searchers". And this was how the concept of building a precast encyclopedia was born. "This is a unique concept and only a leading company, who can provide customers with everything, can know enough about it all to build an encyclopedia of this extent", continues Sami Gauffin. "This is visionary thinking at its best and I am thrilled to have been a part of the project team."

For beginners and experts alike

The approach is scientific; you do not need any advance knowledge before diving into the Fountain. It guides you deeper into the source of the information in the tempo of your choice. If you already know a fair share, you can go straight to the In depth -section or the appendices, for example. Each window is purposefully structured in the same way, to best provide a general view that helps readers understand and to speed up the searching for info. Just start by any of the GO BY guided tours. Then again, your Elematic contact may already have made you a Collection of the topics that interest you - this makes finding info really convenient!

All knowledge available anywhere, anytime

The Fountain facilitates the communication between sales people and customers significantly. Mr. Tero Kivimäki, Sales Engineer at Elematic, is enthusiastic. "If the customer is far away, I can guide them into the Fountain and we can both view pictures and information on a product as we discuss it over the phone. When I am away myself and in the middle of a negotiation, I can open the Fountain and have any and all information available in an instant - no need to carry heavy loads of brochures with me around the world", Kivimäki describes. His customers have welcomed the Fountain with satisfaction; one of them is Mr. Halldo Geirworgeirsson from the company Smellinn in Iceland, who says that he finds the Fountain to be very useful and an extremely good source of information. Thank you for your attention, please feel free now to quench your thirst for knowledge at the magic WWW.PRECASTFOUNTAIN.COM! Note: Currently, the Fountain is in English only, but there are also sections in other languages. Please ask your Elematic representative for more information.


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