Stay in the fast lane with the Elematic Operator's License


Stay in the fast lane with the Elematic Operator's License

A great advantage is gained when the machinery in your factory is used by a certified operator. The appropriate training for a particular machine also increases work safety - only a trained person can perform with optimum capacity and skill. To enable you to make the most of your factory investments today and in the future, we have developed the Elematic Operator's License for all personnel using Elematic machinery. Drive safely and reach your goal faster!

The Elematic Operator's Training consists of two parts; theoretical and practical training. Usually, the training takes place at the customer's factory in connection with the machinery start-up, but it can also be ordered separately for new employees, for example. To pass the training program and receive a certified operator's license, participants must attend both parts and also pass the final test. The Elematic Operator's License is a certificate that proves the card owner to be a qualified user of the specified Elematic machinery. The customer will receive a list of the trained personnel and Elematic will keep a record of qualified operators.

Unique training concept ensures best use

All Elematic personnel, who participate in the start-up of customer's factories, have undergone the operator's training program. The same principle is recommended to our clients; the course is really useful for new employees, but also when new machinery has been acquired to the factory. Basic maintenance procedures and troubleshooting are included in the program as well. "Our goal is that all the workers at our customer's factories, who are using machinery delivered by us, have participated in the Elematic operator's training and received their license" describes Mrs. Minna Uusi-Mikkola, Customer Training and Documentation engineer at Elematic. "It is an advantage for customers and us alike, if the operator really knows the machine he or she is using. This minimizes problems and malfunctions that may occur if the machine is used incorrectly, and the machinery is kept in better condition." The concept of providing this type of operator's training is in accordance with Elematic's aim to offer more extensive after sales services; it is a vital part of being a one-stop-supplier with a clear vision of today's and tomorrow's requirements. Currently, this kind of training package with its theoretical and practical parts, license, and extensive training material, is unique on the market. The Precast Academy seminars arranged by Elematic approach wider and more extensive views on precast, and the operator's training is right down on a practical level with the machinery. These two very different types of training complement each other.

Individual hands-on training for all

The two-day training program is carried out by one or two persons from Elematic, and the program is designed for 3 participants. The option exists to bring in an additional participant, but this requires an extra day for the practical training part, to ensure sufficient time to gain water-tight skills regarding the machine in question. The practical part really is hands-on training, where the supervisor first explains how the machine works and all its adjustments, and then makes sure that the trainees understand the instructions and can operate the machine independently. The training is held in English, but the training material can be provided in other languages as well. For more information on Elematic training, contact your Elematic Sales Manager or