Precast is truly PRE-CAST


Precast is truly PRE-CAST

Shops in every branch have discovered the powerful marketing appeal of an ad proclaiming BUY THREE, PAY FOR TWO. Well, the modern precast industry is not one to let a good idea go to waste and has made its own advertisement: BUILD THREE IN THE TIME OF TWO! The difference between these two slogans is that precast offers real value for the money - building with sandwich wall systems is speedy, ecological, and truly cost-efficient. Do not leave until tomorrow what you can do today!

"The perhaps biggest advantage in using precast sandwich wall elements compared to double-wall structures and other in-situ alternatives is the speed of construction it enables", says Mr. Hannu Mononen, Export Manager at Elematic. "When the sandwich wall elements arrive to the construction site from the factory, you do not need to work on them in any way, they are accurate and ready to be installed." Always a pleasant detail for site workers as well as passers-by and neighboring residents is the cleanliness of the site when building with sandwich wall systems - no concrete mixers or heaps of reinforcement litter the surroundings, as the insulation is already in place. The fact that the installation of sandwich wall panels is so simple makes it much more convenient to build in city centers, where there is seldom room for warehouses to keep tools and materials.

Sandwich walls for a lifetime

As if these features are not enough to convince anyone of using the incredible sandwich wall system, there are even more advantages to be had. Says Mr. Hannu Mononen: "You can calculate in advance all the heat transfer properties and maximize the insulation properties for keeping the heat in or in hot climates, keeping the heat out. In northern countries this is very beneficial as it adds to the speed of erection and yet another warm floor level is finished quickly. Concrete is easy to shape and a very durable raw material - buildings can last for at least 50-100 years. The quality of raw materials increases constantly as do the insulation properties."

Get optimal sandwich wall production!

If at this point you are breathing quicker, feeling the inspiration rise in you like a 10-floor sandwich wall apartment building, we can reveal that Elematic has just the solution you need to start producing these wonderfully eco-efficient sandwich wall panels. We can provide you with the technology, the machinery and equipment. During the years, Elematic has gathered a respectable amount of know-how from the making of walls and this knowledge is all yours to put to good use. "We can advice our customers about what machine is needed for a specific type of façade surface, for example", explains Mr. Mononen. "Our personnel include experts that can train customers in the efficient and optimal production of sandwich walls. We can calculate the lead-time on behalf of our customers and say how many machines and workers are required to achieve the desired production result. These calculations also include the pay-off period and other investment related facts."

The quiet sandwich wall

The positive features of the sandwich wall system are also acknowledged by many construction companies. NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region with 21 000 employees and a principal of aiming to do better tomorrow, what they do very well today. NCC's Mr. Pekka Salonen has been working the construction sites for many years and says the sandwich wall system is an excellent choice. Compared to in-situ solutions, the precast sandwich wall is quick and easy to install and there are no problems with freezing during the winter time. "My unit is involved in construction projects for commercial and industrial buildings. The latest project where I was responsible was the erection of a business park. Both here and in other similar projects, sandwich wall systems are frequently used. The surface of the sandwich façade elements are often washed and polished concrete. The installation procedure is more quiet than for in-situ building and the need for workers is much reduced. From an environmental perspective, the precast sandwich wall all in all is a most positive choice."