New service center opens in Dubai


New service center opens in Dubai

One of Elematic's foremost principles today is to further develop its customer services.

One of Elematic's foremost principles today is to further develop its customer services. The new TOP Service Packages were launched this spring, offering customers service and maintenance options and a partnership with which to optimize their businesses. To make these service products as easily and widely available to customers as possible, Elematic is opening a new service center in Dubai in addition to existing centers in the U.S. and Finland. The aim is to further improve after-sales services to global customers. This new service center especially serves customers in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. "We want to be close to our customers and be able to actively communicate about their needs and requirements, to get to know their businesses better," says Mr. Petteri Laitinen, Director of Customer Services. "This is taken into account already when recruiting new Customer Service personnel, who must be prepared to travel." The new center will have a spare parts supply to shorten the delivery time of parts. Previously, all parts were delivered from the warehouse in Finland, but now customers can have the required parts significantly quicker, and save money on the much lower delivery costs. Getting parts quickly is a considerable advantage especially in problem situations at the factory. If a machine has been stopped because of a broken part, we can help customers minimize the downtime in production.

Service Center Manager in Dubai

The new Manager of Customer Services in Dubai is Mr. Sakari Kippola, who joined Elematic earlier this year. He certainly fills the criteria of being willing to travel. In his previous employment, Kippola flew around the world first as an Installation Supervisor and then as After Sales Manager for the entire Middle East region. He reckons having visited around 30 countries and is very familiar with the Middle East, as his previous work included a four-year stay in the area. He and his wife are delighted to return there, although this time with a slightly larger line-up, as their family now includes a lively two-year-old boy and his three-month-old brother. When asked about hobbies and free time, Kippola replies both happily and with a bit of resignation that as for now, his family is his hobby. However, occasionally he takes out his guitar and plays a tune for his children or something romantic for his wife.

Improving customers' processes

Kippola explains that the intention is to hire several local maintenance engineers to service and repair customers' machines, thus shortening possible interruptions in production. In addition, this will enable Elematic to improve customers' production processes in general, generating as little extra costs as possible. The maintenance engineers can also check machinery and recommend necessary wear and spare parts that should be changed in connection with the next maintenance check. This is part of the so-called preventive maintenance concept, which aims at decreasing the number of unplanned, surprise interruptions in production. The timing of maintenance activities can also be planned in advance to take place during factory holidays for example, once again maximizing the smooth flow of customers' operations. In the future, if customers have problems related to the quality of end products, discovering the reasons behind these and improving product quality will be an important part of the center's functions. Helping customers with production control issues and the lead-time of products will also be a major task for the center's personnel. In other words, everything that has to do with after-sales and customer relations will be included in the center's job description. Elematic's Mr. Raimo Juhantalo is Area Manager in Dubai and will be based at the same address. As before, he is pleased to assist both new and existing customers with any questions they might have about Elematic's products and technology. Concludes Kippola: "Cooperating with customers, increasing their profit and showing that we also care after the machines have been delivered is our number one goal." For more information, please contact: Sakari Kippola tel. +971-50-658 3494 Raimo Juhantalo tel. +971-50-429 6440