Masters of Elematic


Masters of Elematic

What strength, what performance, what eye-catching appearance! With unwavering self-confidence, the Masters rise to any challenge and bask in the cheers of an ecstatic audience!

What strength, what performance, what eye-catching appearance! With unwavering self-confidence, the Masters rise to any challenge and bask in the cheers of an ecstatic audience! The winner's podium is their natural habitat! Do you want to share in the glory? Do you want to get your money's worth? No need to play around with second bests and runner-ups, join the Masters' team and start making room in your prize cabinet! The Masters are here to mechanically do for you what has been traditionally done by hand. No more dirty drilling of holes in slabs with water splashing and concrete wasted, no more sore muscles after the cleaning and oiling of beds between castings. Want to change hollow-core slab thickness half-way down the line? Just press the button and wait a minute. We are here to help you master your factory's every phase! So far, the Elematic Master factory has turned out the fantastic SlipMaster, BedMaster, and SlabMaster. Shortly you can also feast your eyes on the Master series newcomer CutMaster. In fact, we think your eyes will widen with wonder when you see just how technologically advanced, ultramodern and amazing this new cutting master is! Isn't it great to have something to look forward to? The Master factory is a crucial part of Elematics one-stop-supplier concept. We take into account all the smaller, supporting equipment as well, and these come with the same master quality, ergonomics, the same stunning appearance and full automation as our main machinery. Our product development is based on standard products - when you have used one Elematic machine, you will recognise the basic features of any Elematic machine from its looks and functions, knowing a winner when you see one!

No slips with SlipMaster

With SlipMaster, the unquestioned master of slipmasters, you can produce hollow-core slabs of varying sizes quick and easy. You may need to make only a small series of 250 mm, 9-void slabs, for example. Well, just make the exact amount you need and then press the magic button on the SlipMaster to change the produced slab thickness to 200 mm - the adjustment is done quicker than you can be back with a coffee, and there is no need to change the casting unit! With just two casting units, you can for instance make 9-void hollow-core steplessly from 200 mm to 320 mm, or 7-void slabs from 250 mm to 400 mm. If you shop big time and get all four available casting units, you can produce all variations of slab thickness! With SlipMaster's terrific feature of changing slab thickness on the fly, you can offer your excellent services for smaller construction projects as well as for those requiring larger series of slabs, all equally cost-efficiently and quickly. Score time and again with a sure winner!

SlabMaster's hole-in-one

If you have a SlabMaster in your factory, you do not need a bunch of other machinery. For starters, you can sell your plotter, as Slabmaster marks the cut-off points with cold-blooded exactness. It expertly makes recesses, openings and similar in your hollow-core slabs, safely and with very little mess. It also saves both time and labor, and less work phases means less room for errors! Elematic's ecological think tank has attached a shovel to the machine, which lifts the cut-out concrete into a container. No water is used for the drilling and so the concrete mass can be put back into circulation. What a chum, leaves nothing to chance!

BedMaster - handles the dirty work

BedMaster is a well-known, distinguished gentleman among the Elematic Masters. It is in great demand, which is not surprising - who has time to clean and oil the beds manually and pull the prestressing strands from the containers to the passive end? BedMaster does all this automatically with a free travelling speed of 1 m/s - it is the champion league butler of your factory; loyal, efficient, and first across the line!

Trust us to Master your needs

The Masters have been developed (and trained to utmost fitness) in close cooperation with our customers. We are ever more open for this kind of collaboration and increased communication - let us know what you need and what you think. We can transform these ideas into technology that masters your operations.