The wear and when of parts


The wear and when of parts

As one-stop-supplier for the entire precast industry, Elematic has delivered hundreds of production lines during the past five decades and over one thousand extruders alone.

The delivery list also includes various other machines, such as slipformers, batching and mixing plants, ACOTEC-lines, circulating lines, and of course, molds. This means that the wear and spare part warehouse at the Elematic Customer Service center is piled up with a lot more parts than just screws - all in all there are circa 1800 different items containing over 120 000 pieces, with a current total value of over 5 million euros. With this extensive system, we can serve our customers straight away. Owing to intensive input in the development of materials and production methods, as well as increased standardization, this is a lot less items than just a few years ago. The research and development work on how to attain the best durability for wear parts and how to optimize the production cost of parts, is ongoing at Elematic. In this project, Elematic cooperates closely with the Tampere University of Technology, the internationally recognized Foundry Institute, and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The research work covers the development and application of all engineering materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers, and different types of composites. During the past thirty years, the research focus at the university's Institute of Materials Science has been on the evaluation and development of both physical and mechanical properties of these materials. In the production of wear parts, the harder the material, the more difficult it is to process and the more costly to make the part, so finding a balance between these two factors is an interesting challenge. According to Mrs. Leena Raukola, Development Manager of Products and Operations at Elematic, the ultimate objective is to make all wear parts endure equally long and so make predictability better - the downtime of machines will decrease when all the parts can be changed at the same time and generates savings. However, this goal requires development work and close cooperation with customers. As part of the development work, all parts also undergo extensive testing at major precast factories before they are ready for launching.

Modern methods for perfect fit

In the design phase, we use the latest methods to make 3D-models of wear and spare parts. They are to fit perfectly in all the machines they are intended for, regardless of whether the machine was delivered yesterday or 50 years ago.

Savings bring sustainable growth

Regarding durability, the materials used in parts are important, but also the maintenance and correct operation of the machinery play a major role. Here the Elematic Customer Service can help with annual checkups and factory audits. The wear parts of a well-kept, cleaned, and greased machine will endure longer. In addition, with the right recipe, the compacting of concrete is easier, the machine is less burdened, and the parts are less worn - Customer Service can help you find the most suitable recipe. In the spirit of one-stop-supplier, we want to grow by enabling our customers to achieve sustainable growth. With smoothly functioning machines that contain original, perfectly fitting wear parts, you can make end products of best possible quality. For more information, write to: