Software integration in full flow


Software integration in full flow

At some point in 2003 we realized the many interests, customers and objectives we share with Tekla, a leading software developer well known for its 3D modeling applications for steel and now for precast concrete, too.

At some point in 2003 we realized the many interests, customers and objectives we share with Tekla, a leading software developer well known for its 3D modeling applications for steel and now for precast concrete, too. Negotiations have lead to a pathbreaking pilot phase in ELiPLAN-Tekla Structures integration, which follows the goals of the North American Precast Concrete Software Consortium, PCSC. "This cooperation is in the best interest of our customers, the producers and users of precast concrete elements," says Managing Director Leo Sandqvist, "and we expect nothing less than significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality and profitability - just as Tekla promises." Tekla Corporation is an international software company and the market-leader in applications that aid structural building information modeling (BIM). With its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, it employs more than 450 people worldwide. In 2002, Tekla was chosen by the consortium of major Canadian and US precasting companies to develop a strong 3D parametric modeling platform for the efficient design and detailing of joints and connections. Another goal of this consortium, which is mainly based on the suggestions of the Precast and Prestressed Concrete Institute PCI and its affiliate organization CPCI, was to enable integration of the diverse systems used in the industry. With the ELiPLAN ERP system, Elematic has stepped aboard to make precast projects faster and more functional than ever before.

A giant leap from 2D drafting to 3D modeling

Tekla Structures is based on an intelligent modeling tool for steel structures, Xsteel. It is the first real parametric BIM solution for precast concrete engineering and the first totally integrated 3D modeling solution for any material or composite structure. This application affects the entire workflow from sales to erection. You can quickly create and compare several alternatives with accurate cost estimates for tendering, use automated features for routine drawing, coordinate precast concrete with other building materials, compile libraries of your own connection details, reinforcements and cast-in inserts, as well as manage the project as a whole. Data only needs to be entered once, after which multiple users can share it in real time through a webviewer. When changes occur in a model, Tekla Structures automatically updates the drawings and reports to the last detail, thus preventing potentially non-matching pieces and costly errors. What really counts, however, according to Mr. Risto Räty, Executive Vice President of Building and Construction at Tekla Corporation, is that the right elements are manufactured, delivered and erected at exactly the right time and that everything really does fit together. No point in stockpiling worthy façade elements at the factory or on cramped construction sites, is there?

Compatible data transfer

What does this software integration mean in practice? Well, the data created at Tekla Structures - the smallest details, materials, reinforcements, connections and requirements of the erection procedure - can now easily and automatically be transferred from 3D models to ELiPLAN. Based on this data, ELiPLAN generates piece details, calculates the need for raw material, and estimates future material consumption. It then produces cost estimates and manages projects, production, storage yards, shipping and machinery maintenance, as well as controls costs and quality. Later on, ELiPLAN defines the manufacturing status and planned manufacturing and delivery dates of different elements and transfers all back to Tekla Structures for easy viewing in a 3D model.

Come see for yourself!

Cooperative efforts with Tekla have helped save time and money in precast concrete projects for more than two years now. Tekla Structures software has been localized to serve the needs of the North American precast industry and a similar localization project has been carried out with a representative of the Finnish industry, Suomen Betonitieto Oy. In Finland, an extension for Jumbo, the enormous shopping center in Vantaa, was connected and finished in just three weeks instead of six by using Tekla Structures' accurate detailing. In the United States, impressive evidence on successful building projects with companies such as High Concrete Structures, Inc. of Denver, PA exists. But why not see for yourself how it works? Come see a demo at Elematic's stand at the next PCI convention in Palm Springs, California in October or at the Big 5 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in November! For more information, please contact or