Looking fine but feeling weak?


Looking fine but feeling weak?

What would a suit of exquisite silk and perfect cut look like on drooping shoulders? It would need a hanger under the shirt for support! What good is it to paint the façade of your house a wonderful sky-blue, if the frame is weak and could crack and crumble at any time? Do not despair, you can have it all - the climax of strength and beauty in construction!

With Elematic technology and a tasty recipe with the right amounts of quality cement (not too crunchy), aggregates (careful with the measuring cup), and water, you can precast for instance wall and floor elements, columns and beams - complete frames and skeletons for single- and multi-storey buildings alike. Whether industrial or office buildings, shopping centers, parking structures, or residential buildings, our technology is designed to make a strong and healthy body onto which a wide variety of beautiful exteriors can be added - no extra hanger needed for support! Shimmering glass, homely timber, polished stone, bricks, plastering in various colors - let the façade fashions change, we develop new techniques to match and keep our frames as enduring as ever! The Finnish precaster Parma Oy relies on Elematic technology - quality machines make quality elements for frames, skeletons, and façades alike. It really is as easy as a two-piece jigsaw puzzle! When getting the equipment needed for successful production from a friendly one-stop-supplier, all parts fit together and work in synergy like the nervous system and muscles of a top athlete! Smooth as silk, or should we say cool as concrete?

Seemingly seamless?

Back in the 1950's, architects had a thing for seamless façades in construction designs. Over the next two decades, this was achieved with the so called "double-wall" - technique, which in fact was not genuinely seamless, leaving much to desire. Today, however, architects who feel the creative urge to design a seamless façade can rejoice: there is a much better technology available! Yes, there are probably as many tastes as there are architects and many consider seams to enliven a façade and make it easy to change between colors, for example. And that is a perfectly good, working idea. Nevertheless, there are architects, planning authorities, and builders, who want a change to the traditional checkered seam patterns. In addition, seamlessness has its benefits, in both the esthetical and the practical, technical sense.

Less at the site, more at the factory

In these exciting times when numerous creative possibilities are available, plastering enjoys a good reputation among architects; a plastered façade makes for a soft and warm atmosphere. At Parma Oy, the growing demand for seamless façades and the popularity of a plastered surface has led to the development of a product that combines plastering with element technology - Parma- Rappaus. The new plastering technique moves the attaching of insulation materials and fasteners as well as the making of the back coat from the construction site to the factory. Compared to traditional plastered façades, where the coating was done start to finish at the construction site, this method reduces working stages at the site, making scheduling of work considerably more flexible. In fact, only the seams are filled in and the colored finishing coat added at the construction site - all else is done at the factory! Even the windows can be preassembled! Does it not sound great - this method makes it possible to quickly finish the exterior wall and get to work on the inside of the building, no matter the season, no matter whether it rains or shines! From a work site point of view, these new elements function similar to sandwich elements, which are a familiar and cost efficient way of building.

Yummy, a bigger piece of the pie

For Parma Oy, the fact that the elements are prepared to such an extent at the factory means a larger piece of the construction project pie. "The first construction project with these new elements was begun in the spring of 2004 and at the moment the combined amount of delivered and ordered projects amounts to over 30 000 m2, so the sales of this product have exceeded expectations although the marketing efforts have only just begun", describes Mr. Pentti Kujala, Sales Manager at Parma Oy. "The machinery needed for the production of these elements consists partially of modified existing machines and partially of new equipment. Together with Elematic, we launched into some rather innovative development work and a fair share of experimenting, resulting in this efficient and successful manufacturing process. After all this effort, we are not quite ready to display the exact details of the system", continues Mr. Kujala with a twinkle in his eyes.

More fame with solid frame

The morale of the story is that the success of ParmaRappaus and other façade solutions is dependent on safe, sound, and solid frames made of top quality precast elements. And these elements are best made with Elematic technology. Remember our name, for façade and frame!