Oh no!


Oh no!

Is your core machinery suddenly showing signs of malfunction? Are the adjustments a bit off? The wear parts going on their last mile? No spare parts in your storage? Do you wish you could just hang up an OUT OF ORDER -sign in the production area and go home? Don't worry, pick up the phone and call Elematic Customer Service!

New winds are blowing! In a world where the efficiency and uninterrupted functioning of production machinery may mean the difference between making it or breaking it, the Customer Service people exist to help, serve, and support. They have a mission! Their intention is to provide all customers with spare parts and services, with which to achieve the highest possible utilization rate of their Elematic machinery, longest possible life span of the machines in a production environment, and best possible quality of the end products. And this is not all; the CS team is constantly thinking up new ways to save your time and money! Talking about savings, communication by modem is costing less by the day. Elematic equips all machinery with the necessary features to use a modem connection, which can be activated on your request. With the connection in order, someone from CS can call you back and also view the error log of the malfunctioning machine. This way, you can first try to solve the problem long-distance. If the complications persist, the CS agent most probably has a good idea of the problem's nature, having studied the error log, and can arrive personally at the scene with the adequate spare parts!

Keeping your machines on the go

Already in the buying phase, Elematic people help you to select the optimum spare parts for your machinery. They are also intent on taking more responsibility for the functioning of your equipment. If, despite preventive actions, fault situations occur, the CS team will see to it that the machines are off for as short a while as possible. They can also provide your personnel with training in the maintenance of the machines, which keep on purring evenly if scratched on the back and given enough attention. Well, perhaps cleaning and greasing are more in style with machines... Taking more responsibility for the proper functioning of your machines also holds that you can order inclusive service packages from CS. These may include, that CS people check your machines at agreed on intervals, check your storage to see what you are running out of, or audit your entire plant. In other words, they can give your production facilities a thorough going-over, and present you with a detailed report on the results.

Better parts through practical experience

The diligent CS team also collects information from customers and forwards it to the R&D department. There, all data is studied carefully and considered in the designing of new products and technology. This way, the ongoing research work ends up benefiting customers and they are provided with more durable spare and wear parts and more efficient machinery. The R&D people also aim at improving the durability of existing machines, and new wear parts fit perfectly in many of the older models as well! So isn't life wonderful, after all? Your machinery goes on like clockwork and if there are any hiccups along the line, you know who to call! The CS team may not have the supernatural forces of your ordinary comic book hero, no laser vision or flying powers, but they are agile, flexible, and friendly. They are ready to speed to your rescue!