Say goodbye to missing wear parts


Say goodbye to missing wear parts

It is time to change the wear parts in your feed screws or brass bearings. When you are about to start work, you notice that one of the rings or bushings is missing and you just cannot find it. Does this sound familiar? To ensure your maintenance support performance, we created exchange kits that contain all the spare parts needed to finish the job at one go.

To make hollow core slab production easier, our spare parts team created exchange kits that will save time and money in factories. We are releasing two types of kits: an exchange kit for feed screw and a brass bearing exchange kit. Both are suitable for Elematic’s 900-series machinery.

“The idea of the packages is that when you need to change your feed screws, you can order a kit which contains all bearings, screws, rings, bushings and other small parts needed for the job. This is really simple, and it saves time and effort in storage. When you have this package, you have everything you need”, says Toni Oksanen, Service Manager, Elematic.

The kits were created based on feedback from factories as well as the long experience of Elematic’s service engineers and spare parts dealers.

“There are lots of spare parts that tend to be forgotten when precasters make orders. And when it is time for maintenance, a forgotten part may not be changed but the machine is reassembled using an old part. That is when a bearing worth of ten euros may cause considerable damage when you think of how little a new part would have cost”, Oksanen says.

Act now to get the campaign price

Ordering an exchange kit is much simpler and faster than trying to find all wear parts of a machine from catalogues of different manufacturers. When you order a kit, there is no need to feed in several individual item codes, and the price for the full kit is also lower than that of the separate parts.

Elematic has started a campaign on the exchange kits, which will continue until August 31, 2020. The campaign price is the same for everybody – whether they have effective service agreements or not.

“We will gladly receive feedback and developing ideas from you. If your hollow core slab machine needs an exchange kit that is different from these two kits available, please feel free to contact us directly, and we will create the kit you want”, Toni Oksanen says.

Please visit Elematic’s website to find the product you need. The kits are not yet on the Elematic e-shop. Ask your spare parts dealer for additional information.

Ordering a wear part exchange kit is simple, fast, and inexpensive. Forgetting to order a specific part for your machinery will no longer be an issue.

Exchange kit for feed screw, EL905E

Brass bearing exchange kit, EL905E

Exchange kit for feed screw, EL906E

Brass bearing exchange kit, EL906E


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