A winning hand


A winning hand

There are a lot of promises on the precast technology market – but what ultimately counts is the ability to deliver. Looking forward to the beginning of a new year, we can again be proud of several new successful reference projects worldwide. Most importantly, delivered on time, they enable the customer to begin precast production as agreed. The mechanical engineering and automation system design, combined with in-depth experience and skillful personnel, result in a winning hand for precasters. In this issue, you can familiarize yourself with some of these stories.

In recent months, two major wall production line deliveries took place in China and
Russia. Elematic is well known for its expertise in floor production but wall production
technology has become the main business over the last eight years. With an extensive
wall-related product range, we aim to be the market leader in that sector too. We
anticipate that precast construction will gain market share slowly but surely. There
seems to be a growing need for replacements and extensions in the industry, and
the willingness to invest in new technology will increase in the next few years. With
our streamlined production units in Finland and India, we are happy to take on this

Save the date for Bauma 2016.

Looking forward to meeting you there.


Mats Jungar, Elematic CEO


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