Wall Building Made Easy with Acotec


Wall Building Made Easy with Acotec

Acotec is the outstanding option for smooth construction processes. Multi-functionality, ease, and durability make it a suitable choice in a variety of circumstances. Effortless usability makes the Acotec wall a good alternative to brick and block walls. The installation of Acotec walls is fast and can be carried out by two workers.

Acotec walls have many advantages: they are light, economical, safe, moisture resistant, sound and fire proof, and also fully recyclable. In addition, the wall hollows can be used to house electrical wiring and other piping, thereby saving costs at building sites.

Compact performance with Acotec-line

Elematic’s Acotec-line is a compact and highly automated production line that is based on a stationary extruder. It is designed to produce hollow-core, non-load-bearing wall elements of a maximum length of 3.3m, width of 600mm (standard) or 300mm, and 68–140mm in thickness. Acotec-line’s nominal production capacity is 80 m2/h. The standard process is designed for bulk production of selected lengths, but also allows for the manufacture of special lengths (between 2000–3300 mm) on a case-by-case basis. The stationary extruder is formulated so that it only takes 30 minutes to change thickness. Changing panel thickness in the Acotec process is very simple: just change the screw set and side forms and a few minor adjustments—there is no need to change the whole lower part. Acotec-line Extruder uses lightweight aggregate concrete to achieve a very low weight/m2, but the use of normal concrete is also possible.

Fast and simple installation

The Acotec-line is simple to install, run, and maintain. It requires only 900 m2 of factory space, 5.5 meters high. Its production line is roughly 40 m long and can be operated by two to three workers. It is thus suitable for installation at existing production facilities and is a good choice when adding value to present production fields or replacing old processes with new ones. The Acotec-line covers the entire process from concrete batching all the way to the storage yard. Each line is constructed from standard components utilizing the latest automation and technology. In addition to that, a comprehensive consultation and support service, production software, as well as spare and wear parts are available.

Good profitability, quick return on investment

The Acotec-line should be considered “one machine” as none of its parts has an individual function and all of them are needed in order to achieve the guaranteed flexible production of the elements. This results in a remarkable increase in productivity. The Acotec-line lowers both financing needs and working capital costs so it has a quick return on investment. A nearly automatic production plant also means less involvement in labor management. Acotec-line’s flexible production cycles enable the company to adjust to the market situation. The line is also very environmentally friendly—silent, non-vibrating, and non-waste—and it has low energy consumption and need. All raw materials are recyclable.

More productivity in the plant

Acotec is part of Elematic’s Wall technology concept and it adds value to traditional circulating lines, battery-molds, and tilting tables that are used for the production of massive internal and external walls. Elematic can thus provide wall technology to suit every need. The first Acotec-line delivery took place already in 1987. Many lines delivered in the early 1990s are still actively running.


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