The only constant is change


The only constant is change

To us renewing is an everyday project, getting its power from customers' needs, producing new innovations, new points of view, and new visions. Easier daily operations, room for innovation and designing products, renewed machines to improve working conditions, a smooth start for a new business — all are intended to suit your unique business needs and to get you succeed.

New products or solutions are the most genuine signs of renewal. For example, take a look at our new Shuttle E9 — a streamlined, fast, and waterproof shuttle for transporting concrete. Or Extruder S5, representing our new generation of extruders and enabling a low-cost investment for entering the market for hollow-core slab. Big leeps have also been taken in cooperation, creating true partnerships in machine development. It is not only our machines and operating methods that renew. We are also improving our customers' performance by continuously developing our services, such as ELiPLAN (Enterprise Resource Planning software) or launching totally new planning tools such as FaMe Designer, an easy-to-use software package for designing mold shuttering. Our next steps in service development will soon be realized. We are about to open a webshop that provides you with genuine spare parts quickly and reliably. And as a part of Elematic services, next year we will also proudly introduce renewed digital communication forums for current and future precasters. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said over two thousand years ago, "the only constant is change”. Our job is to make this a reality — every day.


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