One step ahead


One step ahead

“To succeed in changing markets we need not only extensive know-how and experience, but also new visions of business and the courage to renew,” points out Mats Jungar, the CEO of Elematic.

“Fast changing markets within the construction and housing industries are keeping Elematic in good speed. New market areas and more flexibly scaled technology levels are just two of our achievements in the past turbulent years. The newly-launched technology levels SEMI-PRO-EDGE are good examples of our aim to listen to the market and adapt to it. We find these levels, designed to satisfy customers’ individual manufacturing needs, essential when operating in our new markets in China and India. In emerging markets we need to make sure we can offer customers the whole package, carefully customized to local conditions and customer’s needs. To sell machines and factories is just not enough. Networking and cooperation within the market is another way for us to maintain our strong position as the leading supplier of precast technology. We have, for example, just signed a contract for cooperation with a company developing and producing a shuttering robot. With this new addition we are able to develop further our wall technologies. Fresh ideas are also a priority in our recruitment policy. During this year we have hired over thirty new employees: one third of them “old-stagers” and two thirds “newcomers” in the precast business. This fruitful combination of experience and open-mindedness will open up the kinds of possibilities that we don't even know yet. We all have a choice to make: either to merely survive in this rapidly changing world or to play an active role in carrying out change. We have picked the latter option.”


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