Is it written in the stars?


Is it written in the stars?

Sirius, Vega, Canopus, Stella Polaris … The names of the brightest stars fly us immediately to the Milky Way. What about Alpha Ursae Minoris or Beta Orionis? Maybe not so familiar to us common people. Not to mention 61-Cygni or 51 Pegasi. What is the name of the star you follow?

We see the same twinkling lights as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Children in India say goodnight to the same stars as little ones in Norway. Stars have always fascinated people. All cultures have their own stories and tales of stars leading people to find a better future, salvation, courage, and meaning in life. Stars also have several names in different eras. The same star can be called Polaris, Stella Polaris, Cynosure, North Star, Pole star or even Alpha Ursae Minoris. Over the decades, as telescopes have developed and thousands of new stars have been found, names have also been given. Some of the names tell us about the discoverer of the star, while some describe the star, and others are the names already given to a star, maybe with a specification, such as Alpha Ursae Minoris and Beta Ursae Minoris. This patchwork of names for stars tells us how crucial it is that things, whether they are concrete objects or abstract matters, have a name. In some cases the name provokes a feeling, sometimes it is important that the name tells us something relevant about the object it refers to. Stars of Elematic At Elematic, the naming of machinery was renewed this year to tell better what each machine does. ”As we looked at our machinery naming from the customer’s point of view, we realized that many of the names weren’t transparent enough. Slabmaster, for example, could be almost any machine from the floor production process. The new name, Modifier, clearly explains that the machine is designed to make recesses and openings for hollow-core and solid slab thus 'modifying' it. In the same way, Bedmaster was too general as a name. Preparer tells us that the machine will prepare a casting bed for new casting,” says Petri Vesa, Elematic sales director. Some of the machinery names have been convenient from the start, such as Comcaster and Extruder E9. Also the familiar Acotec, which refers directly to a production line producing Acotec walls, and FaMe which is based on the word pair 'Fastening Method'. These, of course, have remained untouched in the name renewal. ”This new naming method gives us a logical path to build up our machine family transparently for our customers. It is easier to perceive the features and applications of our machinery when the naming logic is clear and functional,” sums up Petri Vesa. At least as good as before — now available with a new name, and easy to remember:


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