The hottest member of the FaMe family


The hottest member of the FaMe family

Precast factories around the world can be very different when it comes to production traditions and climate conditions. The temperatures in factories or in their curing chambers vary significantly and that can be a challenge for furnishing and shuttering the molds.

With this in mind, we came up with a version of FaMe (Elematic Fastening Method) that can withstand high temperatures without losing its grip strength. FaMe Hot is developed especially for production methods where curing is speeded up by using high temperatures in curing chambers. Also, in precast factories located in the world’s hottest places, the temperature can also occasionally rise, so the new FaMe Hot system is an alternative to traditional FaMe in these cases. With FaMe Hot, effective precast production and high-quality precast products can be ensured, even when the temperature is 70–80 degrees Celcius. FaMe Hot is as practical, fast, and safe as the rest of the FaMe product family – no matter how hot it is! For more information, please contact    


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