Remember my name?


Remember my name?

Once upon a time there was a precast factory. Making molds was no pleasure, quite the opposite. Workers dragged and lifted heavy boards, welded, hammered, tore the molds apart, ground, raised hazardous waste heaps of boards and nails – for what? Just to find out that the window or door opening was not exactly right-angled. And the whole thing started all over again.

Baby look at me And tell me what you see You ain't seen the best of me yet Give me time I'll make you forget the rest Luckily there were fresh-thinking people who realized how insane the whole process was. Was it possible to create an innovative solution for making molds more effectively and safely? Yes! The vision for FaMe was born. Developing FaMe (Elematic Fastening Method) has been one of Elematic’s long-term processes, started already in the late 1970s. ”Using magnets when furnishing or shuttering molds in precast factories is actually quite an old innovation. We started to use them over 30 years ago and began to develop our FaMe System during the 1980s. Our first pedal magnet was introduced already in 1995,” says Project Manager Kari Vappula, who can, without overstating the case, be called the father of FaMe. In the late 1990s,Elematic came up with a unique jaw-type connection mechanism in magnets. This made the connection between profile and bed surface even tighter. ” The jaw-type connection mechanism was quite a revolutionary innovation and we patented it. Even today it’s excellent for all mold systems, and any steel mold and bed surface,” says Kari Vappula. At the same time, profile development took a giant leap. First FaMe Lite and later FaMe Flex were supplemented with aluminum profiles. This was due to both the economical and ecological pressures the element industry needed to cope with. - When compared with traditional methods, aluminum profiles are a far more practical solution. You can use them over and over again, aluminum is finally recyclable, and the result of the casting is much better than with wood or plywood profiles. And when you don’t need welding or grinding, the whole process is much faster. In addition to this, aluminum profiles are light to move and organize. So there is no need for any lifting accessories when making molds. Not to mention the increased ergonomics due to lighter profile material.

Keeping safe, yet answering special needs

These days safety is one of the major issues in production. This has also been taken into account when improving FaMe. In 2007, the system was again renewed, this time making it safer and more user-friendly. - The new FaMe magnets are so-called Push-Button magnets, which are designed for the toughest conditions and have a jaw-type connection mechanism and can be connected to steel, timber, plywood or whatever. They are, however, lighter and safer than our former magnets. Using these magnets is ergonomic and simple. Last year, Elematic introduced the Simple magnet system. The Simple series is very versatile and suitable, for example, in factories where initial investments are critical."The Simple series is designed for harsh conditions, where sledgehammers and steel bars are used for 'fine tuning' the mold. It is also suitable for small and special fastening needs", explains Vappula. The newest member of the FaMe family is the Hot series. Hot magnets withstand high temperatures without losing their holding power. This is significant in cases where precast production needs to be fastened by using extra-high temperatures in drying.

Supplement your FaMe and gain all the benefits

In 2012, FaMe development is more about finding out how to combine production automation and a magnet-based fastening method. Using FaMe as part of a robotic furnishing system has already been piloted. “Automated furnishing is one way to simplify precast production. It makes the production faster and increases the quality of the end product. The benefits of FaMe are the same no matter how automated the production line is,” promises Vappula. The development of FaMe is ongoing. The latest proof of this is a European Patent that was granted in November 2012 for the Elematic FaMe profile system that consists of at least two horizontal FaMe profiles and interconnecting vertical profiles. Kari Vappula and Sales Engineer Tero Mäki believe that FaMe is a technology that can be improved whenever the customer needs a change. ”We want FaMe to be as comprehensive a solution as possible. And as the system gets better, our customers can improve their own FaMe system as well. Every new step is built on what has gone before. So you don’t need to invest in a whole new system; rather, you can supplement the one you already have and get the latest improvements and  all the benefits FaMe can offer. Even old production equipment can be updated to use the FaMe system,” explains Tero Mäki. ”We work in close co-operation with our customers to get first-hand information about real everyday needs in precast factories. As production technologies develop, FaMe keeps up with these changes. And with proper introduction training we make sure that the system is used as designed and the customer gets the full benefit of using FaMe,” says Mäki.

Excellent now, even better tomorrow

FaMe is now well-known and in use in most precast factories; in new factories it is almost more a rule than an exception. Following long development, FaMe offers a unique, patented system for building molds. It satisfies all the needs from producing not only traditional sandwich and solid walls but also short, varied series non-insulated walls as bulk production. FaMe can be tailored to any steel surface in any precast factory. It is also usable on horizontal steel tables and battery molds. From the 1970s to today, FaMe has made its way as an essential part of Elematic’s product supply. Its main aims have always been to improve production performance, add profit and flexibility, save time and money, protect the environment, and ensure product quality and safety. Many steps have been taken and the path ahead is clear for the next improvements. The story continues, so come along and experience FaMe. Baby I'll be tough Too much is not enough I'm gonna live forever baby remember my name – FaMe (Fame Lyrics by Irene Cara from Fame (Movie) Soundtrack)


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