Make it happen with us


Make it happen with us

”Building construction business is a world where practical needs, individual dreams, local laws, rules, conditions and traditions often define the technologies to be used. But it is also a fact that this world is changing all the time. We believe that it is sensible to invest in flexible production solutions which can be used in multiple ways and be supplemented according to needs of the market. That is what precast and Elematic are about,” says Petteri Laitinen, Customer Sales Director at Elematic.

”Optimal flexibility in precast can be achieved by professional and thorough production solutions. Because having high-class machinery is not enough we at Elematic are there for our customers also when it comes to designing whole factory, designing precast or improving the production. By constantly developing our products and increasing our know-how on precast business we are even able to help our customers to succeed. No matter the production solution, building construction business is often a very complex puzzle, where success does not require only understanding technical details, but also having a systematic process in building and managing the whole ensemble. Combining innovative visions and practical implementation is our daily work at Elematic. So, let’s keep on dreaming. And then making it concrete.”


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