Emporia – Swedish excellence in precast


Emporia – Swedish excellence in precast

Emporia – the leading shopping center in Scandinavia – beautifully represents not only the aesthetic possibilities but also the practicality of precast. It shows that precast is an excellent choice for housing needs and also for creating buildings for public use. Emporia’s total floor space of 93,000 square meters combines shopping, food, art, and design over three floors. There are also 11,000 square meters reserved for offices. Located in one of Sweden’s most expansive cities, Malmö, Emporia attracts as many 25,000 visitors a day to enjoy a modern shopping experience.

The giant frame of Emporia was supplied by Swedish firm Strängbetong. The order consisted of building the frames for the shopping center, two multi-story car parks, and an office building, a total of 175 000 square meters. Strängbetong started producing the precast products in March 2009 and began assembly work in March 2010. By October 2011 Strängbetong had finished its task. Emporia was designed by Wingårdhs, one of Sweden’s most internationally recognized companies of architects. The architecture of Emporia reflects the fact that it is a sanctuary, a place for surprises. The building is both airy and enclosed. It represents openness and curiosity, and it also creates a bubble around the exciting world of Emporia. Emporia’s logo, which radiates softness and warmth, is designed on the basis of the large Amber Entrance. The structural design for this magnificent building was prepared thoroughly, and professionals at Strangbetong found the right combinations of precast and steel. Producing a massive amount of precast products and assembling them as high up as 50 meters created their own challenges for the project. However, due to a strong vision, the know-how of the precast supplier, flexibility in precast production, and close cooperation between the project participants, it was possible to build this unique and inspiring building. Emporia is also the first shopping center in Sweden with BREEAM environmental certification. On the roof of the Emporia shopping center is a unique rooftop park open to the public. As well as being a magnificent viewpoint, the park is also a major part of Emporia’s environmental strategy.


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