Practical precast for practical people


Practical precast for practical people

Precast concrete products give the possibility of managing many of the changing issues that might affect the construction process in a negative manner. This possibility should be welcomed by any builder, developer, designer, authority or project manager.

Precast is easier to manage as the manufacturing process includes fewer uncontrolled factors. The elimination of any unexpected event means saved time and money for constructors.  Precast concrete is the choice of the day for the major construction companies in the Scandinavian region. “Precast products are very well suited to the Nordic conditions where Peab mainly operates. For example, the curing time poses specific challenges to the building industry during the long winter period, regarding both time and quality control,” explains CEO Petri Suuperko from Peab Finland. Precast technology has practical advantages that are hard to meet with any other method of building. Suuperko points out that precast concrete is a good alternative when there is a shortage of skilled labor. “Using precast products brings repetition to the work process, which speeds up the learning process that is part of each construction project. The size and shape of the projects may vary, but you use the same technology for joints and connections. Prefabricated products have positive effects for improved productivity and they enable a more efficient quality-control as the same technics and same technology can be used in many different projects,” explains Suuperko. Systematic quality control is essential in large construction projects. Precast products are manufactured in stable and controlled conditions by well-trained and experienced professionals. Especially in Nordic conditions, this means that the products are protected from external threats, such as ever-changing weather and lighting conditions. “Precast concrete enables a continuous and consistent quality control process,” concludes Suuperko.  Peab facts:  Peab Oy and Peab Infra Oy are part of the Peab Group, which is one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies. Peab’s annual turnover is about EUR 3.5 billion and it employs over 13,000 people in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. 


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