Making precast building smart


Making precast building smart

All parts of the precast production chain benefit from an uninterrupted information flow that goes through the whole process. The information process has to be transparent and controlled all the way from architect’s desk to writing tenders and managing production, and from hammering in the first nail to handing over the keys to the end-user.

“The precast industry needs an accurate and informative 3D building information modeling tool (BIM) to streamline the workflow information management that is essential for the whole building project from conceptual design to erection,” says director Jari Heino from Tekla Structures. BIM means wider usage of the structural model: accurate and error-free coordination of any material in any stage of design and construction. The biggest benefit of BIM to precasters is indisputably increased productivity through more effective detailing and process: concrete elements are produced on schedule and delivered as a perfect-fit solution, meaning increased accuracy, lower lead times, and costs. Throughout the building process there will be situations where plans need to be changed. This is a critical phase where mistakes are likely to take place. Sophisticated software is able to track the required changes throughout the process and automatically update all connected details. An efficient change management process ensures that costly errors caused by changed plans are prohibited or minimized. To guarantee a good and long-lasting customer-relationship, precasters need to be able to convince customers over and over again that they are able to fulfill expectations. ”An all-inclusive data management solution can help builders to win more tenders through visually presented alternative solutions and an accurate cost estimate,” explains Jari Heino. “During the building process systematic information management ensures that the correct building blocks are in the right place at the right time.” Furthermore, with a systematic data management system it is possible to store company-specific connections, details, and sketches, and reuse them in future projects.


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