What is our market, anyhow?


What is our market, anyhow?

Do you buy products? Do we sell products? No – it’s all about solutions. Typically, a technology company such as ours sells machinery and services. But we know that the best value for the customer comes from us selling solutions that combine both of these, solutions to solve challenges.

Products and services only achieve value through use – through the advantage they produce. To know how to create value, you need to understand the customer’s business and processes. You also need an understanding of the markets, which can be different within the same geographical area, depending on customers’ varying requirements. In order to understand the achieved benefits and value, we need to forget the product as such. Our actions must be such that the customer is ready to pay for these. We must have the ability to be cross-functional in our processes for identifying possibilities to help customers succeed in their own business processes. Who actually is the end customer? The chain is long. We should understand our customers’ customers, and the logic with which they want to create value for their customers. The Finnish company KONE is a good example: they no longer talk about selling elevators and escalators, instead they offer solutions for people flow. Thinking like this, Elematic provides customers with solutions for safe and good quality building. An old and much quoted saying goes: “do to others what you wish them to do for you.” Slightly edited it could read that if you create value for others, you’ll create value for you. Perhaps no good deed is entirely unselfish, as we usually feel really good about ourselves when we’ve done something of value for partnership is all about. someone else. There is no need to feel guilty if both parties benefit; on the contrary, that is what real Let’s create the future together!


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