Upon our customers’ request: a new mold for columns


Upon our customers’ request: a new mold for columns

At Elematic, R&D is not only working on technological high-end products such as the E9, but is also developing more basic products.

We listen to our customers regarding smaller issues as well, and have now launched a new modular mold for making beams and columns. Its modular structure makes the mold easy to assemble, disassemble, and store. The new mold is also lighter and more durable than traditional molds thanks to a new material, and it is very easy to adjust. Side forms are quickly fastened onto the casting bed using the Elematic FaMe fastening method. This method saves significant space in the production hall since it eliminates the need for support triangles outside the mold. FaMe is truly versatile—usage is not restricted to table and battery molds, a variety of molds can be chosen. This is today, but more is on the way: Elematic R&D is keeping up the good work.


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