Real-life safety for real-life situations


Real-life safety for real-life situations

At precast factories, you've got strong guys who have a job to do and who daily use force if the tools are not good enough. Although our new FaMe Simple system magnets can be fine tuned with sledgehammers and crow bars, it is not according to the manual. The smart choice is to push the button and move the mold, says sales engineer Tero Kivimäki.

New Simple series products add flexibility to the superior FaMe fastening system for building molds. They are targeted at smaller molds, tougher conditions and systems tailored to the customer’s needs. "We can now offer a FaMe fastening system for practically all purposes," promises Tero Kivimäki. The Simple system is based on two different magnets, Simple 10 and 13. Both are compatible with existing FaMe products and the systems FaMe Lite and Flex. “The Simple series is designed for extremely harsh conditions, where sledgehammers and steel bars are used for 'fine tuning' the mold,” explains Kivimäki. “It is also suitable for small and special fastening needs—for example, when the installation steel bars come out of the element, or there are inlets and other small holes or windows in the element.” Besides the magnets, Elematic also offers a broad range of fastening tools, side systems, and adapters. “We will gladly visit the customer’s site, look at the problem, and select the right solution from our product portfolio.” A superior method The magnet-based FaMe (Elematic Fastening Method) systems have been available for more than ten years, bringing speed, safety, and ergonomics to the mold building. “The biggest benefit for the precast manufacturer, however, is that the fastening system protects the investment. You don’t have to weld or drill the expensive casting beds to fasten the side forms,” Kivimäki explains. “We provide basic fastening to the customer, who can then build almost anything around it. And this is where the new Simple system offers new possibilities for tailoring. FaMe magnets are compatible with all existing side shutter systems and materials that the customer might have.”


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