Fight back with maintenance


Fight back with maintenance

The global recession has been felt everywhere, including the precast concrete industry. Elematic’s Managing Director Leo Sandqvist sees clear signs of light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the most unsettling effects of the recession on the precast business is the illogical efforts to cut down production costs. There have been worrisome signs of manufacturers trying to do this by neglecting the maintenance of machinery and equipment.

  • Neglecting the maintenance of machinery and equipment in production plants and lines has a direct effect on product quality, as uncared for machinery produces more flaws in products. Deteriorating product quality causes an increase in rejects, which ultimately means reduced gross profit. So instead of reducing production costs, they actually rise—this is not the right way at all.
  • In tight situations, manufacturers should always keep an eye on overall costs.

Sandqvist believes that the biggest downside to neglecting maintenance is losing the image of quality in the minds of customers.

  • Poor quality products lead directly to a poor quality image in the mind of the customer. Once the quality product image has been lost, it can take years to get it back. During tough times, manufacturers should concentrate on weathering the storm and maintaining their equipment and machinery, so that when the upswing comes, they are ready to produce sufficient quantities of quality products for their customers.

What’s your opinion? Is maintenance that important, or is it something else? Share your thoughts below!


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