Best Floors


Best Floors

Whether you know it or not, floors are the key element when it comes to architectural freedom and design: their load-bearing capacity has a direct influence on the need for partition walls and other structural elements of a building.

 So what are Best Floors? Elematic, the world's only one-stop-supplier for all precasters, has a solution for Best Floors: a state-of-the-art production method for hollow-core slabs which are prestressed floor elements with either round or shaped voids. Prestressing means incorporating strands under tension into hollow-core slabs, which counteract the stresses resulting from the applied load. This means greater endurance and load-bearing capacity. Excellent load-bearing capacity and structural efficiency allow you to build large areas with fewer partition walls. Ultimately, this means greater freedom in design and architecture, during and after construction, as well as savings in material costs.  All-inclusive precast Elematic's production methods are known for their efficiency and reliability. From planning and concrete batching all the way to automation and software, Elematic offers services throughout the production process, all the way to complete production lines and plants. Getting the most out of its industry expertise gives Elematic a direct competitive edge-for example, floor technologies that allow you to change product volumes and specifications as well as shift to new products entirely make it possible to react faster to new orders. Extruder process The Extruder process for floor elements is fully automatic: the flexible production lines are easy to customize and make operations smooth and performance high. The diamond[D1]  in the extruder line is the new extruder E9-the machine at the heart of it all-which is used to make the hollow-core slabs. Being the fourth generation, it has improved efficiency, intelligence, maintainability, control, and use. For Elematic, this is what Best Floors is all about. Got something on your mind? Share your thoughts below.


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