Only the best, Sir!


Only the best, Sir!

Welcome to the Elematic Customer Service Center! Are you being served?

Welcome to the Elematic Customer Service Center! Are you being served? We highly recommend the chief's special: original Elematic wear and spare parts, prepared to maximize your production, tuned to bring out the very best in the quality of your end products. We want you to taste success, why should you settle for less? At Elematic, we have never settled for second best or near perfect quality. That is why we continuously invest strongly in research and development, to be able to offer you the newest technologies and the outcome of the latest research. When you have invested in the machinery and equipment best suited for your local precast production needs, we expect you to produce high-quality end products happily ever after - with our full support, naturally. To guarantee the functioning of your machinery and thus ensure productivity, we present you with original wear and spare parts that are just perfect for your equipment. No need to worry, all parts come with a valid warranty. All parts are made of the very best materials, special steel, and so on.

Excellent quality-price ratio

Are you looking at the price tag? Although attached to the part, it actually includes a whole lot more than what meets the eye. Mr. Petteri Laitinen, Director of Customer Services at Elematic, says: "An original part guarantees the flawless functioning of your machine, it ensures the continued high quality of your end products, and last but not least, it saves you money in the process. Your production consumes less raw material, there is less exchange work as original parts endure longer, and maintenance can be estimated and planned in advance." In short, the quality-price ratio is excellent!

Availability of spare parts is guaranteed!

Okay, so the next question is probably: where can we get these marvellous parts? We are pleased to inform you that Elematic has three well-stocked wear and spare part storages around the world: the U.S, Dubai, and Finland. Thus availability is guaranteed! The most commonly asked for parts are found on the shelves, no need to shop around or wait for long delivery times. Although the storages have been proportioned to support new machinery, especially in the U.S. and Dubai, you can be sure to find parts for your older machines as well. Shopping is made easy, all parts are found in the same place.

All the support you need

In addition to the above, you do not need to know everything yourself. "Our skilled service organization is right behind you, supporting you with installation instructions, providing advice on maintenance, problem solving and any other matter", says Mr. Laitinen. "The closeness to our customers through our new customer service centers is complemented with our remote maintenance actions. This means that if a malfunction should occur, you can contact us, connect the machine in question to the Internet and we can access the control system of the machine directly and fix the fault remotely." No matter where you are, these happy faces are ready to serve you locally.