Enhancing overall return on investments


Enhancing overall return on investments

The Elematic service chain provides a secure foundation for the successful, right-timed implementation of customers' acquisitions and investment projects.

The Elematic service chain provides a secure foundation for the successful, right-timed implementation of customers' acquisitions and investment projects. With extensive, long-time experience in financial and funding systems, we provide customers with tailored, price competitive financing solutions to facilitate investments in Elematic products. Our export personnel can assist you in several languages to further ensure a smooth lead-through of all transaction and delivery phases. The Elematic service chain starts at the very first contact between a customer and one of our personnel. The aim is to provide you with all the information and assistance you need to select the most suitable products and services for your precast concrete production requirements. Our long relationships with customers from demanding manufacturing conditions worldwide have generated unique experience, which is used in sales and customer project definition. Our presence in core markets allows for immediate and open cooperation without delays or misunderstandings. Further, our role as local precast concrete expert combined with the unique innovation pipeline of a one-stop-supplier benefit our customers in both short- and long-term business planning.

Funding from international export credit institutions

When planning your investment, you may want to consider Elematic Finance, which offers an attractive and flexible way of supporting the acquisition of Elematic products and services. Mr. Eero Virtanen, CFO at Elematic, says: "We can provide customers with tailor made, competitive financing solutions to facilitate investments in our products and to enhance overall return on investment. These solutions save you a fair amount of administrative work and you can avoid unexpected costs, as well. Our objective is to enhance the lifetime value of Elematic products and to improve the business result of our customers." Knowing that each customer has different requirements and perspectives, and different expectations for the equipment acquisition process, we strive to be flexible and find the solution that works best for your business. Elematic has extensive contacts with international export credit institutions and can also assist you in matters of international special funding.

Safe and convenient means of payment

However, the most common financing arrangement is a Documentary Credit (Letter of Credit) or an avalized Bill of Exchange. A Letter of Credit is one of the safest means of payment and financing for international transactions. By issuing such a letter, the buyer's bank commits itself to paying the seller's bank once the seller has complied with the conditions of the L/C. Apart from being a guarantee of payment, such a letter can also be used to finance a purchase by including a credit period of up to five years in its conditions. Bills of Exchange are a proven method of providing fixed-rate financing for international transactions. In this form of financing, the buyer's bank guarantees a series of bills of exchange (payments) covering the credit provided by the seller to the buyer, for a period of 180 days to five years. A payment guarantee is also a very convenient and useful tool when financing is needed.

Efficiency throughout the process

"After the advance payment and the opening of a Letter of Credit, things start to move on briskly", describes Virtanen. "It's important to take care of these two issues without delay, as they ensure that we can keep to the original schedule. Further, the information and terms of the Letter of Credit must comply with the information and terms in the contract. When the customer acts with efficiency on these matters, we can also move forward swiftly. Our export forwarding personnel speak German, English, Russian, Swedish, and Polish, and they can help you in all matters related to the financial arrangements, such as the contacts with international financial institutions. The largest financial arrangement that Elematic has participated in was for a total sum of 45 million euros, and we have arranged funding to all corners of the world: the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia." In addition to the efficient handling of money traffic, Elematic has also realized the transportation of products by all possible means: by land, air and sea - whatever the choice of delivery transport, we know our way around the globe.