Elematic presence in Russia


Elematic presence in Russia

During the past 50 years, Elematic has grown and developed into the world's leading one-stop-supplier of precast technology and has delivered solutions to nearly one hundred countries worldwide.

During the past 50 years, Elematic has grown and developed into the world's leading one-stop-supplier of precast technology and has delivered solutions to nearly one hundred countries worldwide. With the head office in Toijala (Akaa), Finland, Elematic has branch offices in the U.S., Dubai (UAE), Germany, and as the latest newcomer, now also in Moscow, Russia. Elematic has gained extensive experience of the Russian construction market during its five decades in the business and during recent years, the company has delivered machinery, production lines, and entire plants to numerous locations all over Russia. Reinforced precast concrete elements have been used in construction since the 1950's. This entire time Elematic Oy Ab has provided cutting edge solutions for its customers' changing needs. Today, buildings made with precast concrete elements are imposing, energy efficient, lasting, flexible in use, and environmentally friendly. Prestressed hollow-core slabs are an excellent choice for building also in seismic zones, thanks to light-weight structures and perfectly planned connections.

Elematic's complete solutions at work in Russia

Today, Elematic has a large number of partners and customers in Russia and deliveries of equipment and technology are constantly on-going. Aviakor-Zhelezobeton in Russian Samara is one of the largest construction companies in the area and has operated in the industry for over 35 years. The company has just acquired an Elematic hollow-core slab production line, a concrete distribution system, as well as a number of special molds for stair cases, among others. Aviakor-Zhelezobeton has been an independent company since 1996. Before this, it was a subdivision of the Kuibyshev airplane factory. Today, the firm employs over 1000 workers and the objective is to build complete residential areas, not just individual houses. Aviakor-Zhelezobeton produces and builds around 100 000 m² of residential buildings yearly, and the target for 2008 is to increase this amount to 150 000 - 200 000 m². In addition, this busy firm also builds shopping centers and office buildings, for example. They do everything themselves, from the planning to the handover. This includes producing the metal structures and windows, preparing the heating and sanitary engineering, as well as the façades.

Welcome to Finland

Cooperation with Elematic began in 2006. At this time, Mr. A.A.Baturin was appointed technical manager at Aviakor-Zhelezobeton and he was already familiar with Elematic from his previous employment at another company. He told the management of Aviakor-Zhelezobeton about Elematic, after which the management team travelled to Finland to acquaint themselves with the Elematic machinery. They also visited some construction sites to see how the precast products were installed in practice, and somewhat later a contract with Elematic was signed. "We have been very satisfied with the Elematic way of working", says Mr. Vladimir Aleksejevich Koshelev, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Aviakor. "Elematic has displayed a very professional touch and has listened to our needs in connection with the conclusion of the sale as well as regarding the delivery details."

Busy times for Russian constructors

The worldwide construction boom is at work in Russia as well, and precast company UMR-4 in Russia's Cheljabinsk has recently acquired a circulating line for the production of façade elements. Elematic circulating lines are excellent for producing façades as well as internal walls and the lines are perfectly suited for the production of high volumes. The entire production capacity of the UMR-4 currently goes to residential building. In busy Moscow, Spetsstroibeton ZHBI 17 manufactures hollow-core slabs for their customers. Most of the end products are used in the building of shopping centers and office and residential buildings. Spetsstroibeton ZHBI 17 also produces wall elements and sells ready-mixed concrete.

Elematic technology for Sochi and beyond

The Black Sea resort town of Sochi will host the 2014 Winter Olympics and preparations for the event are proceeding hectically. Extensive infrastructure, residential and other construction projects are under way and precast concrete products are an excellent choice also for building in the seismic zone of Sochi. Elematic is ready to supply your company with all you need to efficiently produce precast products and participate in the building of the Olympic city. "You may have an old factory that we modernize according to your needs, or we can plan and build an entirely new factory in cooperation", says Mr. Esa Enqvist, Director of Sales and Marketing at Elematic. "We recommend that developers consider investing in new production lines or factories during 2008-2009, as it takes approximately a year to set up a new plant. This way the production stage would be as long as possible before the deadlines for the Sochi Olympic construction projects." After the Olympics, your factory can be used for numerous other purposes in addition to producing concrete products for residential building. For example, the long spans of hollow-core slabs enable the building of schools, hospitals, car parks, and industrial buildings.