Elematic TOP Services for peace of mind


Elematic TOP Services for peace of mind

At Bauma it once more became clear that there exists a real need among precasters for technical and support services as well as management support. This is especially true for newcomers in the business, but precast veterans too can benefit greatly from factory audits and modernization projects, for example. We had the pleasure to present our newest top quality service concept at Bauma, a concept with three levels of service agreements that aim at providing you with something truly extraordinary - peace of mind.

We have always set out to develop our products and services according to the feedback we receive from our customers and this is also the case also with our new service packages. We do not want to merely supply the machinery; we want to make our customers feel that their operations are in the best of hands during their entire life-cycle. All our service agreements are based on partnership - they are tools for predictive maintenance and continuous development of your precasting equipment, targeting optimum performance.

Three levels of TOP service agreements

"There are three levels, or modules, of service packages to choose from, all of which provide a solid foundation for proactive maintenance operations and which can be tailored to your specific needs", says Mr. Teemu Anttila, Key Account Manager at Elematic. "TOP not only represents the quality of our services, but stands for Troubleshooting, Operation, and Performance". The first, basic service package goes under the name "TOP Troubleshooting" and offers free use of the Elematic help desk as well as remote services. This is especially handy, as remote services allow immediate action and troubleshooting over the Internet or a modem connection. In addition, you are entitled to a loyalty discount on wear and spare parts. The basic package creates security for your production; we are quickly on hand if a problem should arise. The second, add-on service package level is called "TOP Operation" and contains all of the above as well as on-site technical service, machinery inspections and analyses, and priority in service orders. The last mentioned feature means that you are positioned at the head of the line when ordering a service. This package also entitles you to a loyalty discount on wear and spare parts. Last but definitely not least, is the third level named "TOP Performance". As the title implies, this service package is an exclusive, all-inclusive agreement that will leave nothing in your operations to chance. On top of all the features from the other two levels, this level adds an extended warranty and the Operator's License program, an annual training program combining theory and practice in an unprecedented manner to match your operator's know-how with the functions of your machinery for top efficiency and work safety.

Tailoring services to your needs

"We are ready to further improve our services according to the needs of our customers", says Mr. Petteri Laitinen, Director of Elematic Customer Services. "In doing this, we plan to visit our customers to find out, what these needs are and how we can tailor our offerings accordingly", he continues. "We have the means to be interactive and to offer a complete package of services and hardware as we are a leader in our field and simply big enough", continues Mr. Jonne Pöyhtäri, Key Account Manager at Elematic. He and his colleague Mr. Anttila may just knock on the door of your factory in the near future with the intention of learning more about your operations and so bring us closer to your concrete needs. For more information on Elematic's service packages, see www.precastfountain.com or contact services@elematic.com.