Achieve your symbols of success with us!


Achieve your symbols of success with us!

The more completely you team up with us, the better you can make your dreams come true. Anything and everything is possible - imagine your own symbols of success and let's go after them together. Tuning up your profit is just the beginning!

If you are already successful in your precast business, you may be thinking "How far can I go?" The answer to your question is simple: With us, you can go anywhere. We have designed our product portfolio to meet your needs in every respect, at every stage of your operations' life cycle. The best machinery, this is self-evident. But our one-stop-supplier responsibilities include providing you with services and support that leaves nothing to chance. We have the tools you need to shape your success.

Symbol of success

At Bauma we wanted to treat and inspire you by showing you a breathtaking symbol of success: the fastest KTM motorcycle in the world! Streamlined and shimmering gold, this beauty caught the attention of most visitors and passers-by. Showing off the bike was the ¥€$-man. He was having the time of his life at the Elematic stand, smiling broadly next to all who wanted to have their picture taken with him and the fantastic gadget. "I love speed! Elematic has the most engrossing machine of the entire fair, even if their concept is completely free of machines", he laughed. I can highly recommend hooking up with Elematic to everyone, my own dream factories are running like clockwork and customers are appearing from every direction - I will soon be an even bigger precast tycoon than my famous father! Imagine, you can order a complete plant and have it delivered anywhere in the world! And you do not have to worry about how to start up the factory or how to maintain it in the future, Elematic has an awesome set of tools, solutions, and cool support guys to take care of things for you and with you! You just keep your engines warm and be ready to dash ahead with me on the fast lane of success," said ¥€$-man with a happy twinkle. He also wishes to inform all the lady readers who may be looking for their own symbol of success that he is still single.

Super tuned-up machine from Finland

The Nitro Duke Monster machine is designed and manufactured in Finland by owner/rider Mr. Jaska Salakari. In 2007, he aims to break the world top-fuel motorcycle speed record with this bike. Just like Elematic, he has prepared for this challenge by building a bike that will do everything it was designed for and more. The engine is built from space-age materials and delivers an asphalt-destroying +1500 horsepower. Thanks to its smart design and NASA-approved technology, the engine is also easier to tune up and more reliable than ever - it is no coincidence that this machine is the only one decorating the Elematic stand, the two have lots in common! Elematic would like to thank all of you who visited our stands at Bauma. Let us continue to live this golden success story in the future as well!