Innovative R&D since 1865


Innovative R&D since 1865

It may sound incredible, but that is how we quantify the research and development at Elematic by summing up all the man-years spent on it. Elematic R&D has its concrete roots in customer feedback and our specialized know-how.

It may sound incredible, but that is how we quantify the research and development at Elematic by summing up all the man-years spent on it. Elematic R&D has its concrete roots in customer feedback and our specialized know-how. However, an important source of ideas is our parent company and our firm partnerships with the best suppliers of the field. Innovation and continuous improvement are two of the key values at Elematic. We are always open to new ideas and warmly welcome your input. We will even reward you for the best ideas, just as we do with our own employees! We also realize that achieving your trust as your supplier and helping you streamline your business is not only a two-way street but also, so to speak, a meeting at a crossroads. This is where our strong partners, Consolis Technology and e.g. Toijala Works introduced in this issue, come in. Whenever a new idea springs forth - whether at your end or theirs - concerning even the smallest detail of a product or process, we are the solution provider to turn to.

Product development and so much more

Elematic R&D is an ongoing process of developing and fine-tuning not only machines, parts and materials but also manufacturing processes, user software, and interfaces. We are not ashamed to say that we have invested time in the design of our products. It adds to their appeal but more importantly, and to your benefit, to their usability by increasing durability and decreasing the harmful effects of dust, dirt and din. This makes the whole industry more appealing to e.g. recruits and partners. Elematic's Product Development unit in Toijala, Finland is led by our Development Manager, Mrs. Leena Raukola, and consists of ten dedicated employees with an age range and the experience that, in her words, "serves the quality of planning perfectly." Mrs. Raukola gives full credit to her unit for quickly adopting new ideas and tools, like the latest sonic 3D CAD, and for producing impressive results in prototyping, process design, and developing whole new technologies. She emphasizes the meaning of customer and employee initiative in the work of her unit and goes on to describe how the most satisfying project is "the kind where customer gets their solution at reasonable cost, and the knowledge gained can be used in future projects as well." She especially welcomes ideas on the equipment currently in production and names user-interface improvements and material development of wear parts as some of the most beneficial achievements of recent times.

Better performance

Very often a development project is an upgrade, a conversion kit that improves the performance of a machine already in use. The Product Development team may, for example, strive to increase the range of products available through one machine (e.g. hollow-core slabs of different depths) or decrease the need for maintenance and repair by new shaft assemblies. Upgrades are analyzed in product improvement meetings at least annually and, after approval for commercial deployment, they can be installed by an Elematic service engineer on-site. One of Elematic's current projects involves another Finnish partnership company, Parma. In this project a recessor, used to produce the openings into hollow-core slabs based on technical drawings, is complemented with an automatic data transfer from the production control system to the machine control system.

High-tech support from Consolis

In addition to the Product Development unit, Elematic R&D consists of our software unit - also in Toijala - and the high-tech technology and laboratory unit of the Consolis group. Our software products have advanced by leaps and bounds and will continue to do so in the future. As information-technological advancement enhances automation, recent projects have included user-interface harmonization and development of an integrated automation system. Automation is particularly important in many industrial countries where human resources are expensive or scarce. Consolis Technology, for its part, co-ordinates a unique method of transferring research results from one company to another and holds the kind of knowledge that is not possessed by anyone else in the whole sector of precast concrete. Its priorities, in addition to those congruent with our own, lie in finding out which property of concrete is most suitable for which purpose and seeking out alternative raw materials - even the kind that others would consider waste - in order to lower costs.

Your contact

We want to assure that open communication in developmental issues benefits all parties on both sides. Whenever you feel like sharing an idea with us - no matter how far-fetched it may seem at first, and especially if it is about equipment currently in production - contact Mrs. Raukola directly by email: She will be happy to receive your input to our mutually challenging project of successful precasting.