Firm partnerships for concrete results


Firm partnerships for concrete results

At Elematic, the slogan one-stop-supplier is taken by the letter and so we deliver products ranging from the smallest accessories to complete turnkey plants to customers in every corner of the world.

We aim at providing customers with all they need. To manage this, we have created a wide network of firm, long-term partnerships, of which a lion's share operates here in Finland, near home base. Each partner has a specific role in the making of certain machines, keeping competence on a high level. Elematic's ambition has always been to find the right partners with whom to establish common rules of play. For the customer, this results in quality, quick deliveries, and a keen price. The vividly yellow, fresh from the workshop Extruder EL 900E is an impressive sight as it glimmers in the early morning sun outside the halls of Toijala Works Oy, about to begin the journey to its new, happy owner. It looks peaceful and relaxed, but it's just waiting to get to where the serious action is - thoroughly tested, trial runs completed, there is nothing left to do but to press the button and start making hollow-core. Toijala Works Oy is one of Elematic's main partners and system suppliers. They build hollow-core machinery with over 40 years experience and today, as they have done their share in Elematic's growth, they are successfully continuing to push 1 or 2 shiny new Slipformers or Extruders a week from the final assembly line. On top of that, some 15 saws leave the premises every year. With personnel of 210 and a turnover of 36 million euros, Toijala Works delivers ready machines and equipment to a number of prominent companies worldwide, among them leading Finnish companies, such as, Metso Minerals Oy and Sandvik-Tamrock Oy. In accordance with their high technical quality aims and modern operation model, Toijala Works has set up separate production sections for its main partners.

Routine matters handled automatically

Mr. Ismo Kallio, Manager of Purchasing and Projects at Elematic, is an often sighted person at the impressive, 18700 m² factory halls of Toijala Works, which are located at a stone's throw from the Elematic headquarters. At weekly meetings, the partnering project managers plan and ascertain ongoing actions and what should be focused on. If something is needed really fast, they discuss what to rearrange and how, so providing Elematic sales with real flexibility and customers with what they need, when they need it. Says Mr. Ismo Kallio: "Partnership aims at having routine matters handled automatically, leaving more time to develop procedures and operations". "This way we have succeeded in tearing down the barrier between development and production, which now together check the feasibility of plans and designs". Mr. Esa Enqvist, Director of Marketing and Sales at Elematic, knows to value quick actions and flexibility. Partnership is something that functions throughout operations, he illustrates: "Having completed the pilot last year, Toijala Works today uses an electronic purchasing system that saves time and effort on many levels - for example, all our drawings and designs are now available electronically for them to use, and in addition, they can give us feedback and proposals for improvements through this system directly, easy and handy"!

Ready machines in store

Flexibility and speed is also achieved by making machines to stock. Says Mr. Pekka Helminen, Workshop Manager at Toijala Works: "In a long-term, reliable partnership, you can plan actions together with even a little risk involved". "We make certain machines and spare parts to stock for Elematic, making it possible for them to tell a customer: Yes, you can have it right away! We also produce a larger amount of products successively using the same settings, which cuts down on delivery times especially for smaller machines and spare parts. The benefits in quality, price, and delivery speed extend all the way to the customer!" Mr. Helminen also describes how Toijala Works has ascertained the high quality of all parts and materials by selecting their own highly reliable sub-contractors with care, and how partnership is a many-dimensional phenomenon, where each party solves the problems and takes care of the matters that belong to their core competence.

All for one and one for all

The seamless cooperation and cutting edge skills of all involved are continuously developed and improved. One way of doing this is the yearly get-together Elematic arranges for its main partners. This is an important forum for networking and future development. Toijala Works and Elematic also make yearly visits to one or several precast concrete production plants, to view and discuss the operating environment of the machines and, most importantly, to talk with and listen to the customer. Concludes Mr. Esa Enqvist: "As we want to provide comprehensive services to our customers, this is about much more than just machines. If a customer has problems with their concrete mixes, for example, we can help. Our machines and solutions are made to be compatible with customer's different production environments, in varying circumstances. This is achieved with our solid partnership network, which covers our entire product range. Everything is done with the same high quality requirements, the same dependable dedication".