On a mission to change the perception of precast construction


On a mission to change the perception of precast construction

Do you think that creating beautiful buildings with precast is difficult or expensive? Now it’s time to get rid of this thought and see the full potential of precast as a way to create unique and appealing buildings with low costs. Let us introduce an affordable and beautiful housing development project: Ankudinovsky Park, located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Ever since precast construction was invented, the overall perception has been that precast buildings can’t be appealing to the eye, however, that thought is fading away rapidly. This is proven by the Ankudinovsky Park project.

At a town of Nizhny Novgorod, GC Karkas Monolit, one of the leaders of the Russian construction market and an Elematic customer, is on a mission to construct beautiful and long-lasting precast buildings without high costs. The company offers full package, all the way from the conceptual design and precast product manufacturing to element erection and selling of the ready apartments. Their current project – KM Ankudinovsky Park – located close to the Ankudinovsky highway, offers a totally new format of high quality and affordable housing for families in Russia. The complete project includes 27 residential buildings (19 – 35 floors each), 4 kindergartens, a large school, business centers, office premises and sports grounds. All of the design details, from the architecture to infrastructure, have been planned as functional and appealing as possible.

The vibrant color scheme of the area is what makes the project so special. One might think that achieving it is difficult, but it’s actually very simple. According to Kadir Bag, Main Coordinating Officer at GC Karkas Monolit, ‘’there’s nothing new in the panels, they are all sandwich panels, but we added the coloring and texture, so it’s a finished product. It’s easier and more practical to finish the product in the factory.’’ What’s more is that by finishing the panels at factory conditions, you can avoid the problems arising from the changing weather. ‘’We faced a problem with one type of façade, because the usual way is to use a Senergy type plaster in the region, but after five years this type of façade starts to deteriorate’’, Dovletbij Baibekov, General Manager at KM Precast. In addition to panels, they are producing elevator shafts, ventilation ducts, staircases, landings and foundation piles for the project.

The project has proceeded smoothly as there have been barely any problems. Mr. Bag explains how they ‘’install on average 22-24 panels a day. Installation is easy and the end result is pleasant. The panel system frees you from seasonal elements. It’s a big advantage, time saving and therefore significantly cost saving.’’ In addition, ‘’the efficiency of the house is ahead of any other house – it’s well-insulated, well-ventilated – therefore clients are happy and we are happy’’, he adds.

Even though the project will still continue for several years, some of the apartment buildings are already inhabited. As you can now see, creating beautiful buildings with precast isn’t that difficult.


Ankudinovsky Park in detail:

  • Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Construction: 2014 onwards
  • Size: 27 buildings / 12 500 apartments, total of 650 000 m² residential area
    • Height of 19 to 35 floors
  • Structural & architectural design: Sweco Finland Oy
  • Developer, contractor & precaster: GC Karkas Monolit
  • Amount & type of the elements: sandwich panels, elevator shafts, ventilation ducts, staircases, landings and foundation piles of up to 10 m


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