Durable precast construction with high quality


Durable precast construction with high quality

We had an honor to be one of the hosts of International Prestressed Hollowcore Association (IPHA) conference in Finland at the end of May. It was a great chance to introduce possibilities of modern precast construction and wide precast expertise we have in Finland. At the same time, it was an opportunity to present our guests the new Elematic facilities in Akaa along with our latest innovations. We were happy to introduce the automated Plotter E9, which makes both speed and accuracy in hollow core slab plotting possible, and Preparer E9, which does all the work needed between castings to prepare the bed for precast floor slab production. I hope the Akaa tour planted seeds for new ideas and inspiration for IPHA conference guests.

In Finland, precast’s share in construction industry is one of the largest in the world. Finland is also a frontrunner in precast element technology. Understanding and managing all aspects in precast element construction is actually our core business: high quality precast construction starts from the very beginning of the design process.

Houses build of precast are durable and safe. Precast is a logical solution for countries facing natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. By developing the design and architectural expertise in precast element construction, the quality and sustainability of precast element houses can be increased worldwide. We at Elematic want to help and support you with this development.


Mats Jungar, Elematic CEO



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