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In Brief

Elematic at 24 H Dubai

Elematic sponsored the Finnish driver Rory Penttinen when he participated in 24 H Dubai, a sports car and touring car endurance race that took place at the Dubai Autodrome on January 12–14, 2017. The race tests the endurance of both the cars and the drivers as they race around the circuit, trying to complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours.

Penttinen drove in a four-man team, GDL Racing Middle East, together with Franck Pelle,

Vic Rice and Pierre Ehret. The race did not lack for excitement as the team’s car lost its right-side panel in a collision during the night.

Despite the mishap, Penttinen’s team scored a victory in the SPX class with 547 laps.


Points to consider when choosing a shuttering system

Here are some important things you should think about before choosing effective shuttering for precast wall production.

Does the magnet work with all possible shuttering materials?

To avoid a big – and costly – hassle in the future, it is wise to also prepare for materials other than the one you’re currently using. The safest bet is to choose a system that is compatible with all commonly used materials, including steel, plywood, and aluminum.

What is the weight of the system?

If your shuttering is heavy, you will always need a crane to move them – which means you will have to wait for crane availability and lose precious time and money while doing so. By choosing shuttering that is as light as possible, you can save a lot of time as you can easily and safely move them without any extra equipment or tools. For that very same reason – easy handling – choosing magnets that are as light as possible and not permanently attached to the shuttering is also a smart decision.

What is the availability of the products you are using?

Does the supplier hold onto stock for quick delivery of products? Do they have stock on the same continent? If the answer is yes, it is easy for you to get new items, replacements, or spare parts for the system without long waiting times.

ACOTEC panel production technology to RAK Precast

In November 2016, Elematic inked a deal to supply RAK Precast, a company based in the United Arab Emirates, with an Acotec PRO line to produce non-load bearing interior precast wall panels. With their two factories and a comprehensive production capacity of up to 1,200 m2 per day, RAK Precast, established in 2006, is currently one of the largest producers of concrete precast products in the UAE.

The deal includes the delivery of an Elematic Acotec PRO production line to produce light, non-load bearing, room-high precast partition wall panels. The line will be installed in an RAK Precast Dubai factory. The capacity of the plant is 100 m2 per hour, and the production line covers the entire process from concrete batching all the way to storage yard management and beyond.

As a part of the deal, Elematic also supplies RAK with an ELiSLAB 2.0 structural analysis software tool for hollow-core slabs.

“We are delighted to continue our long-term relationship with RAK Precast with the delivery of this new Acotec PRO line and ELiSLAB for their hollow-core slab production. Prior to this deal, we have successfully supplied them with a concrete transportation system and machinery for their wall production factory in DIC, Dubai,” says Curt Lindroth, Areas Sales Director at Elematic.

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