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Sudden problems in precast production?

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Hundreds of phone calls and e-mails received every month, and just as many problems solved. The Elematic Helpdesk is a contact point with the best possible attitude and rapid responses. Up to 95 percent of our customers' problems are solved by Elematic experts within 48 hours.

1st contact point

If you have a sudden or unexpected precast production problem, the Elematic Helpdesk is your first point of contact. You receive swift, expert help in finding and fixing the problem over the phone or by email. The Elematic Helpdesk is there to find the solution to your problem. We assist you in preventive maintenance, precise technical problems, mechanical and automation problems, precast product problems or quality issues, and precast technology issues.



Troubleshooting via a direct connection to your machine is also available. Remote troubleshooting is a quick way to solve machine-specific problems through an online connection with your machine. It is included in our latest machinery and available as an option for older machines.


Note! When you contact the Helpdesk, please make sure you have the following information available:

Machine type
Information from the machine plate

A clear description of the problem:
how often and in what circumstances does the problem appear?

Photos or videos of the problem in question are also warmly welcome.


Did you know?

If you have a service agreement with Elematic, there is an even faster lane for your issues. You are also eligible for discounts on spare parts and a number of maintenance visits free of charge.


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