Why more is less


Why more is less

Ever considered how good it feels when striving for a little more leads to a remarkable reduction in everything undesirable – such as worries about health and safety, quality challenges or wasted resources?

Successful and continuous product development works this way. This year, at Bauma 2016, Elematic will launch the fruits of recent R&D, such as a manufacturing execution system for continuous floor production. For the benefit of precasters worldwide, an even stronger product and service portfolio has emerged.

The role of software and automation is on the rise. Naturally, a higher level of automation means less manual work, leaving less room for human error. An efficient precast process completed with automated quality control allows more time for production planning. Optimizing the manufacturing process and analyzing relevant data becomes easier with the comprehensive statistics made available by the new automated production lines. Remote access makes it easy to update and modify the in-house developed software.

Increased automation makes precast technology very competitive compared with traditional construction methods in terms of the ability to react to project changes and follow-up. The entire logistics chain from precast to installation can be accessed from anywhere in real-time. More transparency means less stress and sweat for everyone involved in the project.

Mats Jungar, Elematic CEO


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