On the road together


On the road together

The updated Concrete Issues highlights the close cooperation between Elematic and our customers. On our journey towards a common goal – successful business – we can share our challenges and solutions together.

Our newest wall production product, examined on page 12, represents one of our important values: the holistic approach. The complete solution for Elematic EDGE wall production automation shows how valuable it is to control and manage the entire precast process. With EDGE and other innovations, we aim to develop your business smartly. This includes functional industrial design, in which we have a long tradition.

In this brand new issue you can also read about occupational safety and cleanworking environments, along with other interesting topics. Articles about radio-controlled lifting beams and cleaner cutting systems are both examples of our solutions for your concerns. We pay close attention to your challenges and success stories, trying our best to offer good solutions.

The same applies to our lifetime service and local presence, which are areas in which we aim to improve constantly. We have thus strengthened our local presence in the growing Middle East market area. Elematic’s regional Service Engineer has been on duty in Dubai since September. His experiences can be read on page 23. 

In addition to your ideas, which we have adopted and applied to our articles, the makeover of this magazine is based on your opinions. According to our customer survey, both printed and online content is still appreciated.  We are pleased to respond this feedback and offer you even more to read about the global precast market, both in printed and online format.  Your ideas and initiatives continue to be important to us and we are happy to share them in forthcoming Concrete Issues. We aim to stay on a continuous learning curve for the benefit of our customers.


Mats Jungar, Elematic CEO

Elematic’s customer magazine 1/2015


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