1. Is Elematic’s wall production line available with a shuttering robot?

Yes it is. Elematic EDGE wall production lines are specifically designed to be used with shuttering stations.

Shuttering stations are also available for existing wall production lines with certain prerequisites.

2. Our old Owner’s Manual is partly incomplete. Is it possible to get a new one? How much does it cost?

You can order a new complete Owner’s Manual from helpdesk@elematic.com / tel. +358 400 995511. The price for printed a manual is EUR 250 per manual (we only charge for production costs). For newer deliveries it is also possible to get the Owner’s Manual in electronic format.

3. I am new to the business and I am in charge of maintenance. We have Elematic machinery, which was bought in 1998 and 2001. Are spare parts still available for those machines?

Most parts are still available and we can usually find a corresponding replacement for parts that are no longer in production. Automation components that are no longer in production can be replaced with newer parts. However, larger assemblies may require updates to enable this, as well as changes in programming and electrification. In this case the delivery time might be slightly longer than usual.

4. Why does the hollow-core slab saw sometimes cut an arched or wave-like line?

The saw blade is flexible – that is why the blade flange sometimes looses its tension.

This usually happens when the blade flange has overheated, for example due to a break in the water supply.

The cause may also be an old blade flange that has become worn out and has been soldered with new blade pieces several times.

5 Why does my Elematic magnet not fasten anymore?

Check the cleanliness of the bottom surface of the magnet plate. There may be concrete or nails, for example.

Electric current may have been conducted through the magnet, perhaps in the welding connection at the mold. In this case, the magnet loses its grip permanently.

The adjustment of the magnet may not be correct. It may have been lost if the pull knob has been changed, for example.

You can request a quotation for servicing of magnets at cs@elematic.com

If you have a question, please send to helpdesk@elematic.com


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