The simple beauty of making smart choices


The simple beauty of making smart choices

A sunny morning in the suburbs. The sidewalks glisten with the rain that fell overnight, birds are singing, and kids getting ready for school. The neighbors are heading to work: one to an office downtown, another to a factory outside the city, and the third to the nursery school two blocks away. It doesn’t take too long for these sensible people to choose a vehicle for the journey. The first one takes a bus, the second one drives a car, and the third one rides a bike with the wind in his hair. We make several choices each day. Some of them are easy; some need a bit more consideration.

How to get to work in the morning is often a thing you don’t spend much time deciding. It is clear: if you work downtown and know what the traffic and parking is like there, you most likely won’t choose to drive a car. And if the distance is too far to cycle or walk, you’ll end up on a bus or train. So, it is often the circumstances and conditions that define the right choice. That is also the case in the precast and building construction business. There is not just one right way, method, or machine. There are many. “It is important to realize that even within a country or market the need for production facilities and services can vary widely,” says Lassi Järvinen, Technical Director of Elematic. “Local traditions of building, legislation, standards, market views, and the educational background of the workforce are facts that set the starting point when our customers consider opening new precast businesses or expanding existing ones. After that, the customer starts to make calculations of capacities needed, factory area to be used, the workforce required, and the raw materials to acquire.” Against these unique local conditions, choosing between multiple precast technologies is not simple. But what is easy to understand is that there must be options. One solution cannot possibly serve everyone.

Scalable and expandable production lines

Lassi Järvinen has experienced the constantly accelerating development in precast business and industrial building construction. That is why he knows the importance of adaptability of production machinery. “Our customers often make decisions based on the ability of the production line to be expanded or supplemented when the market or business evolves. And that is what we also recommend. You can start with a decent FaMe side closure system but, when increasing the capacity, upgrade it to the Automatic Shuttering Station, for example.”

Product development serving customer needs

Elematic’s product development gets its inspiration from actual customer needs and the megatrends of the industrial world. “For many of our customers, the challenge relates to production times, staff know-how, and costs of production. Logically, many of our new or improved products tackle these challenges. If you need to quickly produce massive amounts of precast, you will need more automation. You will need the Comcaster casting machine instead of the manual Comskip and the Preparer to replace manual cleaning and oiling of beds. If your personnel are highly educated, know the precast processes, and are used to working with computers, you will get the best out of our highly automated products. But if you are about to carry out a single project with the machinery, the best solution may be to choose products that have a short return on investment.” Of the global megatrends affecting Elematic’s product development, Lassi Järvinen mentions environmental questions. It is no secret that precast has a relatively large carbon footprint, especially because of its raw material, cement. “Because cement is also the most expensive raw material in precast, we have naturally been very eager to figure out ways to reduce the amount of cement in precast production. And we have been successful. We have developed our technology so that the end product is more compact and has notably less cement in it. Our technology enables our customers to do good for the environment and also save money.” “Some of our product development is, of course, invisible to customers. But you will notice it in the form of faster response times in machinery, the possibility to design production more carefully, or in smarter production reports,” says Järvinen about Elematic’s software development.

You have a choice – make it smart!

Different capacities, different technology levels, different products and sites… Is there really anything that every customer wants? ”Of course,” says Järvinen. “High-quality end products. Our customers want to produce precast in the way that suits them best. But they want to be sure that the result is qualified and safe. And that is something we will not compromise on. Elematic is always the mark of top quality in precast.” So, selecting production machinery for precast is not as simple as deciding how to travel. But don’t worry – there are professionals to help you. “Our job is to ask our customers the right questions and then offer the best solution for their needs,” concludes Järvinen.


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