The machinery makes the line


The machinery makes the line

The precast production line is a functional entity, getting its effectiveness and productivity from the machinery it is assembled of. Elematic’s three technology levels – SEMI, PRO, and EDGE – steer the development of the machinery. The main principal in all development cases is, however, a high-quality end product.

“In our product development we are nowadays even more aware of the many and varying needs of our customers. That is why flexibility and expandability is one of our main aims when developing our production machinery,” says product manager Jani Eilola. Elematic’s production lines are constantly complemented by new machinery and new technology. Each new machine, no matter the technology level it is developed for, is to improve the performance of the whole line. “Our products at all of our technology levels are carefully designed, developed, and tested. So whichever line our customer chooses, the machinery is a compatible and reliable entity,” Eilola says.

Choose your technology level and make exceptional floors

Let’s take a closer look at Elematic’s floor production lines and their machinery with Jani Eilola. “When producing floor precasts, you can operate with highly automated machinery or choose a more manual method. The choice often depends on your need for production capacity, the available workforce, and the time allowed for return on investment. Compared to the EDGE level, the SEMI level offers low automation levels but still provides advanced technology and modern design. On the EDGE, line the concrete is transported to the casting machine by the automatic Shuttle E9-2800, whereas, on the SEMI line, transportation is carried out more manually, for example.” The SEMI level line ensures that customers do not need to pay for automation and added features if they simply are not needed. The quality of the end product still remains high as the quality of the machinery is just as good as on the EDGE line. The SEMI line just puts more emphasis on the efforts and labor of the workforce: a cost-effective and functional way of building, especially in the emerging markets. When studying the differences between the SEMI and EDGE floor lines further, one soon comes to compare the extruders on these lines. The SEMI line holds the Extruder S5-1200e and the EDGE line the Extruder E9-1200e. How do these two differ? “Once again there is more automation in the E9 Extruder. It is computer-controlled. You can, for example, adjust the casting parameters digitally. E9 also collects information from the casts made. S5 exploits the very same casting technology as E9, but is controlled and used more manually. Both of our extruders save cement and are very safe.” The same type of difference can be seen in the saws used in the SEMI and EDGE lines. The S5-200 saw represents proven and reliable saw technology and is simple to use even if the personnel are not familiar with factory automation. The E9-500 saw, in turn, offers fully automated cutting and programmable cutting cycles for individual floor products.

New options for building walls your way

When it comes to wall production line machinery, the basic principles are very similar. The EDGE line’s powerful machinery has the capacity to produce a wide range of different products in large quantities. The highly developed automation behind the production ensures profits even when the product is high-end. The SEMI line offers a lighter option and again makes better use of the available workforce while keeping the quality exceptional. “You can choose a more automated line or produce high-quality wall precasts with slightly less automated machinery. Our new Automatic Shuttering Station E9, for example, automatically takes care of all the shuttering, demolding, plotting, and oiling functions on the EDGE line. On the SEMI line, you will need more manual work and will have more individual machines for these functions. For casting, the SEMI line offers a Comskip S5-3000, easy-to-operate casting machine. And on the EDGE line, a Comcaster E9-2500 is used in casting. The Comcaster casting machine has accurate and fast dosing of concrete with more intelligence included,” describes Jani Eilola.


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