Russia: Quality precast makes a difference in St Petersburg


Russia: Quality precast makes a difference in St Petersburg

Stable demand and optimized production of high quality precast are the twin pillars that keep OOO LIDER Prom ahead in St Petersburg’s competitive precast marketplace. Key elements in this are machinery and equipment of the finest caliber, including a brand new pile production line from Elematic.

OOO LIDER Prom from St Petersburg has good reason to be comfortable in its current environment. Part of OOO LEADER Group, which focuses on building residential housing and commercial real estate, LIDER Prom not only benefits from a stable source of demand from its parent company, but is also well positioned in a market that increasingly favors precast over cast-in-situ solutions whenever both speed and quality in production are required. “Much of our success is based on the fact that we are able to adjust production in accordance with the needs of our parent company. Integral to this is high-quality production machinery and equipment as well as optimized production with the help of up-to-date automation,” says Jury Anufriev, General Director of OOO LIDER Prom.

Putting precast to work in residential housing

An excellent example of the company’s large-scale approach is a residential condominium project currently underway in St Petersburg, with precast making up roughly half of the deliveries. The elements supplied include three- and four-story columns, prestressed beams, wall panels, and balcony facades, as well as precast piles, elevator shafts, and staircase solutions. The benefits of precast are familiar to the end customer. This includes faster erection through all stages of the project, less manpower requirements, and a safe, streamlined process throughout – not to forget a superior-quality end product. The precast products themselves have been produced with up-to-date production technologies, many of which have been supplied by Elematic, a trusted supplier of LIDER Prom for more than three years now.

Brand new pile production line

At present LIDER Prom has a production volume of 200,000 m2 of housing a year, as well as 180,000 m3 of concrete. The latest addition to the facility is a brand new precast pile production line, which was ordered as a turnkey solution from Elematic. “After thoroughly reviewing our objectives for the new line, it became apparent that these could be met only with the very latest in precasting technology. We chose to go with Elematic based on our experience with them and what they were offering,” says Mr Anufriev. Elematic’s scope also included assembly supervision and operator training. The line not only enables the casting of several piles in one cycle, but also the adjustment of pile length in accordance with customer needs as well as precise and clean concrete dosing and smooth cast surfaces.

Full palette of precast products

The products produced at LIDER Prom’s St Petersburg facility include piles, columns, prestressed beams, wall panels, balcony facades, precast staircase solutions, road slabs, crane counterbalance weight units, and hollow-core slabs. Many of these are made with machinery and equipment produced by Elematic. “We have been working with Elematic for more than six years now. We met at a fair and found that they understood our needs. The initial meeting led to negotiations and deliveries,” says Mr Anufriev. “We have learned to trust Elematic. They have the expertise needed to solve technological questions as well as the ability to meet deadlines with regard to design, engineering, and final delivery, including professional supervision of assembly,” says Mr Anufriev.

Bright future ahead

LIDER Prom has good reason to be optimistic about the future. The precast market is growing rapidly in St Petersburg and Russia. The company also has a potential customer base for the production of steel-reinforced elements, with some test orders already in place. “We have good prospects for selected client relationships outside the group. Integral to this are our broad product range and ability to take on full-scale deliveries,” says Mr Anufriev. Having done business in Russia since Soviet times, Elematic not only has the technology but also the knowledge to continue providing LIDER Prom with the latest in technologies. The road is open for further expansion elsewhere in Russia. “Success in Russia is pretty much like success anywhere else. First you need to earn trust on a personal level. After that it’s about planning the best solution together, taking into account both the key factors of technology and cost-efficiency, whether for a new machine or production line,” says Harri Lahtivesi, Elematic’s Area Director for Russia. Editor: Erkki Jäppinen


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