More value with speedy foundations line


More value with speedy foundations line

Are you searching for an uncomplicated way to increase your market value? Our precast concrete pile production line could be the smart choice for you. The line can be easily added to your current factory without any new raw material needs.

Precast concrete piles are a quick and efficient method for making safe and sustainable foundations for any building and soil conditions. They are always of high and consistent quality, and they can be produced to any needed length. Still, labor requirements are low and daily productivity is extremely high.

Productivity of up to 3 km of piles per day

The line is equipped with the world’s most efficient pile casting machine, Pile Caster E9. It casts up to eight parallel pile molds at once. Compaction of concrete, performed by the casting machine, makes piles even stronger. The daily concrete consumption of the line is typically 250 m3 with wet or self-compacting concrete. Typical lengths of the concrete piles vary between 6-16 m, whereas typical cross-sections are 250x250, 350x350 or 400x400 mm. Fast pile length adjustment, reinforcement, and demolding are supported by a compact mold layout. For the safe movement of ready-to-install piles, lifting loops are pre-installed. The nominal production capacity of the line is estimated to be 1.5-2 km/day. There are some optional technologies that improve the productivity even further. An additional heating system is available to speed up the curing process. Pile reinforcement can be automated with a robotic welding machine.

Easy add-on to your current production

The concrete pile production line covers the entire process from concrete batching to storage yard management. It requires a production area of 3 000 m2 and a storage yard. The need for a land area is 10 000 m2, which can be an indoor or outdoor factory.

Supporting your entire production lifecycle

A wide range of services is available for line maintenance and optimization. In addition, you can also receive consultation for the entire piling process from us.


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