It’s all about people


It’s all about people

Dear readers, this is the last time I am writing to you as Editor-in-chief of Concrete Issues. A ten-year era has come to an end, and I feel I have given my all to precast technology. It is time for me to conquer another field, to continue on the path of my own smart evolution.

The world has gone from paper to digital, and CI has always been at the forefront in this transformation. It’s not all in the clouds, however: we must still keep our feet on the ground. This is easier to do if we remember that no matter how fast the world changes and technology with it, it is still all about people. We talk about business-to-business communication, but this still means people are talking to people. The world has become ever more open, with less and less control. This has made us want every piece of information now, on the spot. The customer is king is a slogan that has become more true, as customers can search for a multitude of information easily on the Internet and form an opinion in advance based on what they find. A wise man has said that communication is the interpreter of themes and needs. I couldn’t agree more. We are all different and have varied ideologies and views on how we want to be in contact with each other and on what forums we feel most comfortable. These are things we should know about each other. Only then can we satisfy your need for information in the best possible way. Elematic has always been a pioneer in communication and has aimed to be aware of its customers’ interest groups. We have wanted to know your needs, your actions and movements to be able to fulfill your dreams – and not only those related to technology. During these last ten years, we have changed from presenting purely technical information to presenting issues, that is, the information needed to be competitive in the precast world. Concrete Issues has become the interpreter of your needs and themes, and to this end we have, among other things, interviewed a number of world-famous experts who have provided cutting-edge data on many aspects of running your precast business successfully, whatever your local circumstances and conditions may be. And we have tried to do it with a dash of humor, as well – from one person to another. I hope that in the future, your needs and Elematic’s Concrete Issues will continue to meet. I also hope that you have enjoyed reading our magazine and that it has given you food for thought. There has been no boring moment. I have enjoyed every theme and issue during these ten years, and I have done it all my way. The next editor-in-chief will do it some other way, but I am confident that you will continue to succeed together. Thank you for listening, over and out from Toijala. Päivi Talonen Editor in chief 2004-2014 LinkedIn Read: Ten years of Concrete Issue's lighter side - collection


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