Go digital, stay real


Go digital, stay real

“New digital services don’t eliminate the need for human-to-human service. By offering more possibilities for communication, however, we aim to make it easier for our customers to stay in touch with us and benefit from the services we have available,” says Petteri Laitinen, Customer Service Director of Elematic.

“We at Elematic find new communication technologies, such as web services and social media, as an opportunity to serve our customers better. Our newly opened webshop offers a quick and easy way to purchase spare parts whenever there is need for them. Elematic’s new web site is to be used whenever our customer needs information about our products and services. Modern technology also improves our maintenance services, as we can remotely access our customers’ machinery and solve problems, even from the other side of the world. “It is nevertheless clear that in our business there are still plenty of occasions where face-to-face or personal contact is necessary. And we have several customers that prefer personal service. That is why our new communicate channels will not displace more traditional ones. Quite the opposite: we are strengthening our local presence to be able to serve and support our customers all over the world. “So choose your channel and use phone, email, Skype, social media, web services or walk into our office to meet us. No matter how you contact us, there is always a real professional at your service. ”


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