Getting local


Getting local

Increasing local presence in emerging markets is one of the strategic targets of Elematic. But what does local presence really mean?

“We think being local means more than just translating product information texts or providing face-to-face service in multiple languages. It involves studying the local market and the local culture of building construction. It is getting to know the organizations and people involved in developing areas, cities, and suburbs. And after that, it is figuring out the product and service mix that Elematic can offer for this particular market,” says Mats Jungar, the CEO of Elematic. Urbanization is a globally recognized phenomenon in all countries that are growing and developing rapidly. For example, in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, there is a rapidly growing need for affordable, high-quality housing solutions. That is a need that precast is the answer for. Getting started with precast is, however, not always simple. “One of our big challenges is that in many cultures there is relatively little knowledge of precast as a building method. That is why we need to offer more services, information, and support for the whole process, not just machinery.”

India to become a pilot market

As one indication of the trend to serve customers more locally, Elematic has now a daughter company, Elematic India Pvt Ltd, operating in the rapidly growing precast market in India. “In India we are offering our high-quality precast machinery, but also related design service. That is, we help our customer to get the whole package from structural design to a fully operational precast factory,” describes Jungar. The new company began operating in January 2014 and now has 25 employees. In addition, local manufacturing of molds and steel structures will start this year. The company’s services will also be available to customers in other market areas with similar needs. Contacts  to Elematic India can be found at